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In-Person Farming Ideas for Real Estate Agents

In-Person Farming Ideas for Real Estate Agents

Looking to generate more leads this year? We've got a few creative ways to grow your business in your community!

Farming can be a great way to get your name out there, but it's important to think outside the box. Here are some ideas for promoting yourself as a real estate agent in your farm area.

Host a party in one of your listings to show it off.

Hosting a party in one of your listings can be a great way to show off your hard work in marketing the home and getting it ready for sale. You want to invite 20 or so people, including other real estate agents, local businesses, and friends. Make sure that the house is clean and tidy before you have your guests over! They will be impressed with how nice it looks!

You'll need to make sure there are plenty of food and drinks available for everyone who comes over. You may also want some music playing during the party and create a warm space for your guests to enjoy. It's important that you speak with each person individually about their impressions of the house as well as any concerns about selling their own homes. This gives them time for one-on-one conversations while allowing other guests to visit at different times throughout the evening to get excited about what could happen if they move into this neighborhood/community.

Sponsor a block party

If you are looking for a way to get your name out there and meet new people in the community, sponsoring an event is one of the best ways to do it. Block parties are a great way of bringing neighbors together, especially if you can find some activities that bring people together like music, food, or games. You may even want to consider hiring an ice cream truck as any age group would enjoy it and would leave a lasting memory of your involvement!

Work with local schools to create branded goods for their fundraisers.

Another great way to give back and also build relationships in your ware is to work with schools in your area to create branded goods for their fundraisers. Some creative ideas below:

  • Create your logo & pair it with the school's logo, then design t-shirts, water bottles, or other branded items.

  • Create gift bags to include school supplies and place a sticker on the bag with your contact information.

  • Create a brochure about your real estate experience that includes information on the services you offer and how you can help sellers looking to sell their homes or buyers find homes they love. Include contact information so people can reach out if they have an interest in working together!

Set up a booth at community and school events and hand out information about your services and specialties.

Have you ever been to an event, looked at the table with the most people gathered around it, and thought “I want that booth!”?

You don’t want your information lost in the crowd. Having a sign that is visible and eye-catching will help get people over to your booth. Make sure your sign makes it clear what you are offering so that people know why they should stop by.

Keep in mind:

  • Think of engaging ways to draw people to your booth, such as a photo booth with props!

  • You may want to consider having someone else take care of selling while you focus on signing up volunteers and gathering contact information from potential clients.

Sponsor a sports team to get your name out there.

Sponsoring local sports teams is an excellent way to broaden your presence in the community. Not only can it be cost-effective, but it also makes for great PR opportunities. You can even use these events as networking opportunities by inviting potential buyers or sellers along to watch a game!

There are many ways to get your name out in your farm area

As you can see, there are tons of ways to network and grow your business in your community! Some other ideas include starting a blog, writing articles for local magazines, and making connections with journalists who cover the industry. If you have an Instagram account, post pictures of the farm that show off its best features in order to build a following there. There are also plenty of opportunities to reach out via social media: share posts from other relevant accounts; comment on others' posts; reach out to people who respond positively about their experiences with your farm; use hashtags for popular keywords like your community name so that people searching for those topics see yours first when they click on them (so make sure they're relevant!).


With these ideas, you can be sure to get your name and brand out into the community. The key is to make it fun, interactive, and exciting to build connections with people in your area.

What are your thoughts?

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