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5 Unique Real Estate Lead Generation Tips to Find Buyers

5 Unique Real Estate Lead Generation Tips to Find Buyers

Use these 5 unique real estate lead generation tips to get ahead of your competition, secure more viable buyers, and successfully grow your business in 2022!

You’ve likely heard the same advice over and over again: rinse and repeat the same marketing tactics and you’ll eventually find success. Success indeed relies on a commitment to practicing quality lead generation efforts over time. However, it’s also true that some tactics are so underused by competitors that they offer a significant opportunity.  

We’re here to share practical, actionable tips for generating more business.  

5 Real Estate Lead Generation Tips Your Competition Might be Ignoring 

Alone, these tips might bring in a few leads every quarter. Combined, these sources can add up quickly. Plus, many of these methods can easily be added to your regular sequence of networking, referrals, and personal touch-points. What we love most is that 4 of these 5 lead generation techniques rely on personal relationships and face-to-face interactions.  

Real estate leads received from trusted relationships are almost always high-quality, loyal, and motivated.  

Tip 1 | Partner with relocation services. 

Whether a new home buyer is looking for a first-time house, or they’re moving their family from another city where they previously owned a home, relocation services often help people from all backgrounds find the right property in a new area. Though relocation service providers can help people find a new residence, they also help residents get acclimated to a new town. For many clients, this can include assistance with any or all of the following: 

  • Hiring and managing movers. 
  • Finding schooling resources. 
  • Discovering local amenities. 

Companies often hire relocation service providers to help mid and senior-level employees quickly move to a new area with minimal disruption to their family life. 

Why is this a good lead source? 

There are a few strong reasons to consider forging a relationship with relocation service providers: 

  • Employees who are helped by relocation service providers are often in middle to upper-income brackets, which means they likely have a bigger budget. 
  • These buyers have a clear and urgent need to find a property for renting/buying. 
  • As companies grow, they may provide a steady pipeline of potential leads. 
  • Realtors can develop deep specialties within relocation services, making them a valuable partner to referral sources. 
  • Relocation providers can help with both buying and selling homes, depending on their client’s needs.  

Tip 2 | Partner with builders. 

In the current real estate market, buyers know that they are lucky to even get a tour of a home before several offers are made. Accordingly, many buyers are now considering new homes, even if they didn’t previously want to buy a new build. New builders (or home flipping companies) are highly motivated to connect with realtors that can quickly sell their available inventory. If builders know that you have a pool of qualified buyers that are looking to move soon, they’ll be very interested in forming a formal partnership.  

Why is this a good lead source? 

  • New homes are likely to pass inspections with little or no problems. 
  • Newer homes are easy to show due to their modern appeal and appliances.  
  • Realtors can focus on builders with a specific style, price range, or location.  
  • As clients move into a neighborhood, they create a new farming territory of referral sources or future buyers.  

Tip 3 | Network with legal professionals. 

Attorneys are one of the most trusted and powerful referral sources for any individual. There are several types of legal practices that can benefit realtors, including: 

  • Estate planning. When people start to consolidate and categorize their total estate, they’re often ready to consider moving, either to downsize after kids have left or to make room for grandchildren and family gatherings. 
  • Divorce attorneys. One or both partners may seek a new home after separation. Though it will likely be a difficult situation for the buyers and sellers involved, a realtor can be invaluable for speeding up the process of moving on with their lives. 

Why is this a good lead source? 

  • Attorneys are motivated to continually see new clients keep their practices healthy. This can create a pipeline of new clients. 
  • Legal professionals are often the first and last people consulted when people are making a major life decision, so their referrals are highly trusted. 

Tip 4 | Canvas apartment complexes or high-rental neighborhoods.  

Though some people rent for years (or decades), many people (especially those who are younger) tend to rent until they are ready to buy a home. Some renters are building credit and getting their finances in order, but others a simply deferring homeownership due to lack of education or apprehension. With permission from the landlord, you might be able to strategically advertise your services or hold educational sessions in a common area. Direct mail is a great farming tactic for converting current renters. 

Why is this a good lead source? 

  • Though some people may not be ready to buy now, your outreach can help build trust and brand awareness. 
  • It’s estimated that nearly half of renters will use a realtor to find their next apartment.  

Tip 5 | Go to job fairs. 

Many people begin their careers through a connection made at a job fair. It’s only natural that these contacts will start to reconsider their long-term living situations once they’ve secured viable employment. Handing out business cards and meeting job candidates face-to-face is a great way to establish rapport and collect contact information. 

Why is this a good lead source? 

  • Leads from job fairs are likely to find employment in the near future. 
  • Helping someone early in their career and home buying journey is a great way to win a client for life.  

Want to learn more? 

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