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Top Real Estate Seller Lead Generation Companies

Top Real Estate Seller Lead Generation Companies

Looking to generate more seller leads this year? We've got a few tools that may help.

Hunting for real estate leads may seem difficult, especially if you’re a listing agent. It requires deep knowledge of lead generation and deploying effective real estate marketing strategies.

As a smart real estate agent, you’ll agree that time is of the essence in this industry, and it is just smart to avoid spending your money and time on searching and nurturing cold leads. And that’s why you should be considering top-producing lead generation companies to do the generating for you.

There are a couple of real estate seller lead generation companies that have been in the industry since forever, with the assurance that they can help generate genuine leads.

With a couple of good lead generation real estate generation companies out there, it may seem an uphill task to find the best company to work with.

Either you need home buyers or sellers. You can get these leads without spending the majority of your time searching for them yourself, and instead just focusing on how to reach out to them. This is one of the benefits of contacting a lead generation agency.

Here we’ve highlighted some of the best lead generation companies in the market. With all the necessary details outlined, you can decide which best to work with to help you at accomplishing your lead generation goals. 


Top Real Estate Seller Lead Generation Companies




Offrs is one of the best listing and seller lead generations for real estate agents. It is a great marketing platform with great predictive analytics tools. Most realtors contact Offrs to get home sellers and other targeted customers.

Offrs services include the following:

  • Predictive seller leads
  • Listing leads
  • Online leads
  • Buyer leads
  • Predictive Analytics tools

Offrs generate real estate leads through predictive analytic tools and Facebook ads. 

It collects data from different data providers like Experian, Tax records, Cole, etc. Then examine the data to predict if individuals will sell their homes in the next 12 months.

Offrs gives their research scores on the data a 70% conversion rate. This means that with proper marketing strategies the lead may convert.

They also study the Facebook demographic to set up Facebook campaigns for lead generation. Studying your targeted audience demographic will help you understand their emotions.

Offrs can help you nurture your real estate seller leads through their Customer Relationship Management software (CRM). They do achieve this through text or email marketing. 

Offrs is best for realtors who have not experienced success with traditional lead generation methods.



SmartZip is another real estate seller lead generation company that you can work with as a realtor. 

SmartZip gives you the chance of having motivated sellers through their predictive analytics. They search, scrape data, and find homeowners who are likely to sell within a year. Using SmartZip will reduce your marketing budget and make it easier to narrow down your marketing campaigns.

There are lots of bonuses and discounts that will attract and make you feel like choosing SmartZip. Apart from this, their services are effective and will elevate your business.


Market Leader

Searching for leads guaranteed every month? Check out Market Leader.

Market leader promised to help realtors to generate real estate seller leads monthly. No realtor will want to neglect this opportunity.

Having new motivated seller leads will surely elevate your real estate business. It will keep you active and more successful among other realtors.

Market leader method of generating leads involves the use of well-optimized paid ads. They use pay-per-click ads to drive traffic from Google and social media platforms to a lead capturing page. Through this page, they will get the leads information and their properties details.

Then, they will send these details to you directly.

A lead is up to $20 or $30 depending on your required amount of leads and some other factors. What makes some real estate agents choose Market Leader as their seller lead generation company is because of its guaranteed leads.

Another benefit is that their service is less expensive. And give you the chance of keeping your business active every month. Once you have worked on the number of leads you need to generate more income. Market Leader may be a fit for your real estate business.



Using a real estate seller lead generation company will boost your business marketing efforts. And it will increase your ROI if you choose the best one that suits your business.

Although, before you can choose any of these companies. You need to consider your expenses and how the company delivers its services.

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