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Real Estate Facebook Marketing Strategies

Real Estate Facebook Marketing Strategies

What real estate Facebook marketing strategies are you currently using? If you don't have an answer, were here to help you out.

Marketing your real estate business on Facebook is a sure key to generating and converting new leads. Therefore, understanding the marketing strategies applicable to this platform and harnessing it is a great way to successfully scale your business. 

Facebook seems to be the new conventional place for people across the world with over 2.7 billion active users monthly. Therefore using Facebook marketing as the means of promoting your real estate business is a genius idea. The social media platform is so useful that you can build, and nurture trusted followers (potential leads) who may later become your client. 

Although it is a marketing channel that requires consistency and lots of effective marketing strategies, you’re sure to expand your real estate business and make it a global one. 


Why Facebook?  

I mean, why not!  

Facebook is a popular social media platform that runs 24 hours daily. Think of it as an office space where people can find you at any hour of the day, even while you are busy snorting in deep sleep. The platform is an active social networking platform, and 68% of Americans use Facebook, and by statistics, they spend an average of thirty-five minutes daily on the platform connecting with folks or scrolling through their feeds for trending posts or information. 

Most realtors have realized the possibility of meeting their potential customers on this platform. So, if you can also take advantage of this platform, you will connect with your clients. And also form strong bonds with other realtors by joining some real estate Facebook groups. 

Using Facebook marketing with paid ads will generate more results because of its population. Its activeness will produce positive results for you as a real estate agent. 

Through the Facebook marketplace, you can discuss with any customers who reach out to you. Then, take them to the advertised property before finalizing the transaction. The Facebook marketplace is wide, just like Facebook itself.  


Simple Guide on How To Strategically Market Real Estate Business on Facebook

It’s simple, just as much as any marketing process, Facebook marketing requires diligence and time to mature. Just because your business is exposed to billions of people doesn’t mean it will outgrow your competitors overnight. Facebook marketing requires strategic planning and execution that may require daily practice but is certain to produce desired results. So how do you go about it… kindly read on! 


Perfectly Tailored Facebook Business Page 

The first thing you need as a realtor to market on Facebook is a Facebook Business Page. Your Facebook business page represents your business online presence. See it as your online office, where your prospects can reach out to you anywhere and any time of the day. On your page, you can post your new home for sale and have fruitful conversations with your prospects. 

A well-created Facebook business page must have some essential information. You must provide your business information, let people know what you are doing even at a glance. Ensure that you use a professional cover and profile photo. 

You need to fill out all the required details, including the about page. Allow your target audience to know your real estate niche. And your location, for you not to confuse your buyers. Ensure that your information is easy to comprehend for everyone. Your Facebook business page should be attractive and shows your specialties. 

Another thing to have in mind is how to keep your business page lively. You need to keep it active with SEO content that relates to your real estate business. Post informative articles or tips that will engage your followers on your wall. 

Furthermore, maintain positive feedback. You need recommendations and positive reviews from your customers. It will make it easier for new customers to trust you. 


Generate Leads through Facebook Ads 

As a Facebook user, you would have come across some sponsored posts on Facebook. These are Facebook ads created by some companies or individuals to reach out to their target audience. You can also create Facebook ads to promote your real estate business. It might be in the form of a home you want to sell, or just creating awareness for your brand, normal posts, videos (they convert more), or slideshows. All you need to do is to create attention-grabbing content for effective results. 

There are different ads type on Facebook you can employ to generate leads on Facebook including:  

Single Image Ads  

It refers to the act of using an attractive image, a caption with a link to advertise your real estate business. 

Facebook Video Ads 

Video ads are very effective, they are attention-grabbing marketing tools. It gives you the opportunity of providing all the necessary information about your business. And your clients tend to understand what you are doing. Ensure that you are making quality and lively videos for your Facebook ads. 


Slideshow ads allow you to have a collection of images or videos for the promotion of your services. The collection of images will appear before your target audience in the form of a video, showing each image within some seconds.  

Messenger ads 

The Facebook messenger ads present your real estate business to Facebook messenger users. And once they click on it, it drives them to your landing page or your business page. 


Targeting Strategy 

One thing that makes Facebook marketing interesting is the ability to choose your target audience, more specifically what Facebook calls a "core audience". While creating your Facebook ads, it is possible to define an audience based on criteria like age, interests, geography, and more. 

Another great option Facebook allows is creating a "custom audience". A custom audience is a custom list of people you create or who have engaged with your business, online or off. If you are a newer agent and don't necessarily have a list of contacts yet, there are plenty of options for you to successfully utilize the custom audience list, such as Offrs. 

Offrs is an all-in-one platform designed to help real estate professionals grow their businesses. Their primary service is to provide agents a list of people who are most likely to sell their home within the next 12 months. One of the best ways agents can utilize this list is by using it as a custom audience in their Facebook ads to generate high-quality leads (this works by cross-referencing the contact information provided in the list to Facebook accounts associated with that contact info). But if you are finding yourself out in the field and away from your computer most days, Offrs can create, run, and target your Facebook ads for you. 


Remarketing Campaigns 

There are times you would have clicked on a product on a website but you did not buy it. But then, you realize that the product keeps appearing on any other platform or website you visited in the form of ads. 

Like other websites where your cookies help them serve you better, Facebook ads also use cookies to remarket those products to you on other websites. As a real estate agent, you can remarket your business to your website visitors, contact lists, or people who showed interest in your ads. You can do it through Facebook by creating a remarketing campaign for your ads. 


Track your Marketing Strategies 

In all, you need to track or monitor your marketing strategies. You must review your Facebook business page to know if it is well-organized. And if it is attractive to your real estate potential customers. 

Ensure that your Facebook ads are of great quality, engaging, and have call-to-action sessions. Identify which of the Facebook ads work best for you as a real estate agent for you not to overspend. You can boost your posts or create event posts for you to reach out to more prospective customers. 



After using all these Facebook marketing strategies for real estate. For effective marketing, you need to be active online, reach out to whoever leaves you a message and create value for your followers. Having a professional business page will attract customers but you need to keep it active. Your business page is your online office; it means that your online presence is essential. Once your buyers message you, try to be available for a fast response. And it will yield positive results. 

Here is a list of links to help you get started with your Facebook marketing:

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