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5 Easy Ways to Buy Real Estate Leads

5 Easy Ways to Buy Real Estate Leads

Wanting to buy leads but don't know where to start?

As a real estate practitioner, it is not enough to have the best houses, homes, apartments, and the likes at a reasonable cost, and even in an excellent community. One of your daily headaches would be how to generate genuine leads that would lead to sales - that's the ultimate goal and perhaps, the most tedious. 

As a means to gain more leads, real estate professionals engage themselves in various traditional marketing approaches. While this works, it takes time to manifest. For instance, before you set yourself up as an expert in your area, get acquainted with realtors, and visit media outlets, it takes a while. Therefore, one of the most innovative ways to go about this is to buy real estate leads. Yes, BUY IT! and save yourself a quadrillion hours trying to generate those leads on your own. 

That said, if this conversation still interests you, then you've made up your mind to buy leads.  

Buying real estate leads is quite tricky, and according to an Atlanta based real estate consultant and coach, Lee Davenport, "the pro of purchasing real estate leads is to give you some IMMEDIATE action in your pipeline if you are a new or returning agent, particularly if you are someone without a local sphere of influence, an established marketing plan or an existing database of clients. But, is this activity the best use of time? Not always, depending on the quality of the lead source, which can make this a con if the lead source is not reputable."  

In Lee's opinion, paid leads are tricky, which solely depends on the quality of the lead source. Therefore, it is crucial that to get the most out of your paid leads; the generated leads must be from a reliable source.  

So, do you know the cleverest way to purchase leads? The key here is a reliable source. Hence, to ease your worries and erase wrinkles from your already frowning face, we'll discuss five clever ways to buy real estate leads. 


Promote Through Social Media Ads 

More often than not, intending homeowners will start their journey online through various channels, most especially social media. So why don't you bring your market to them - to exactly where they are. 

For instance, there are over a billion people on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms, so it's only logical to take the market to them where they are. Therefore, without a doubt, running ads on these platforms will get you more leads than traditional marketing. 

Another advantage social media ads have with generating real estate buyer or seller leads is that you can target your ads to a particular location and demography. That way, you can be certain the leads you'll be getting are the right audience.  

Also, you can have your regular social media posts boosted so that friends, family, and others attached to your social networks will know more of what you're offering and can get in touch with you compared to email reach and phone calls - I mean, you can just have a chat, easy! 


Employ Search Engine Ads 

As aforementioned, when people are in search of homes, they tend to go online for related information, irrespective of either wanting to buy or sell. Therefore, this provides real estate professionals the opportunity to create search engine ads, using keywords that you think (well researched through keyword analysis) your customers may search for.  

Google processes over 40,000 search queries every second, while Bing records over 10k search inputs per second. As a result, well-tailored ads on these search engines opens you to a massive reach. 

The essential thing here is to research your keywords to get the best out of these ads. Just like social media ads, you will have to spend some time on keywords analysis so that your keyword would reach the perfect audience - OK, nearly perfect audience. 


Create a Professional Website or Landing Page

Another clever way to buy real estate leads is by creating your website or landing page. In most cases, when you want to create social media ads, you'll have to attach your website. In fact, to create a page on Facebook, you might have to verify your business and include a website. This way, you can show your customers that you’re a professional, clients testimonials, and areas your services cover.  

If you, however, choose to create a landing page (more or less a one-page website), you have to be certain of the kind of leads you're searching for. A landing page is just a one-page website that tells your prospective customers all they need to know. 

While anyone can find their way to your professional website/portfolio, as the case may be, where you can showcase your services professionally, a landing page is usually directed towards a particular set of leads - specifically for the purpose of which you're running a ads.  


Create More Videos on Your Websites and Social Media

Over time, marketers have claimed that video produces more conversion than any other content, and that's because videos are more engaging, easy to remember, and attract a larger audience.  

Videos are more likely to increase your prospective buyers intent since they're more memorable, it tends to improve brand recall as it engages your viewers, and drives more traffic to your content. 


Buy From Lead Generation Firms 

Perhaps, the cleverest way to get genuine real estate leads is to buy them from those that have them readily available. Lead generation firms are considered the most favorable source to buy real estate leads. However, when you employ this method, you have to approach it with a lead generation plan which will help you decide the type of leads you want, seller or buyer. 

There are a couple of real estate lead generation companies that are trusted to help you achieve this. Some of them are listed below. 

Market Leader

Market Leader runs ads on a pay-per-click method on social media and Google search engines and uses attractive landing pages to captivate potential buyers. So, if generated leads are what you're out for, Market Leader got you covered. 


SmartZip is simply smart when it comes to lead generation by using the latest predictive analytic system. The platform helps forecast possible listings; that way, you can get a clue of a potential business while also providing you with genuine quality leads according to your preference. 

Zillow Premier Agent 

If you're in the market for buyers' leads, then Zillow is the best platform for you. Zillow advertises its clients to millions of customers, while the premium feature allows you to select an area of choice in your campaign. 


This company employs predictive analysis by using their proprietary algorithm and over 250+ data points. In addition, the company provides leads from the biggest social media platform, Facebook and Google ads. Offrs allows for some flexibility in its plans, as you can choose to use their service for a short term.  Offrs is best for real estate agents looking at dominating a particular area in the long run. 



Scaling your real estate business can be an overwhelming task, and converting leads is essential to your business’s growth. To save yourself the hassle of finding leads the traditional way, you can simply buy them. 

According to Lee Davenport, paid leads can give you awesome ROI if you convert them in a way that works for YOU. It's that simple, be clear about your intent and get genuine leads that will most likely convert. 

What are your thoughts?

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