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Best CRMs for Real Estate Agents

Best CRMs for Real Estate Agents

In need of a new CRM system? We've got you covered.

Do you know why it is so difficult trying to manage or attract real estate leads manually? Well, it's simply because doing anything manually requires extra time, dedication, and focus.  

Sometimes you can be on edge, and other times you'd be way overboard with inaccuracies. You don't have to beat yourself about it; it’s simply the inefficiency of most human beings too. You can't be 100% at all times. Even if you do, you still breakdown at some points.  

It's impossible to arrange or manage leads with efficiency manually. But who said you have to do it manually in the first place? Or don't you know there are software/real estate CRM that makes the job much easier?  

CRM Tools, also known as Customer Relation Management systems, help businesses centralize their contact management. It also helps them narrow down on deal pipelines. Ideally, it is a system built to support most businesses deal with their customers with ease. Plus studies have shown that CRM applications can help increase sales by up to 29%, sales productivity by up to 34%, and sales forecast by up to 42% 

Additionally, since it is centralized, employees of the company can be granted access to the customer anytime and anywhere. Most of the details are stored in the cloud, which means you can always have access to your leads even if your computers are stolen. 


The Benefit of Real Estate CRMs  

 It takes a little more of the CRM definition to convince you how CRM tools can help you manage your real estate leads. What are other benefits of the CRM tools to you as a Realtor? Let's find out! 

Your leads need to feel that you are willing to help and not just another pompous successful realtor. But irrespective of how willing you are, you cannot tend to all of them simultaneously. That doesn't concern your leads because they want your attention, and they want it now. This is where a CRM tool comes in. With the tool, you can create automated responses, chat boxes, or voicemail messages to help put you lead out of their distress.  

Centralization of contacts: more than ever before, there's now the pressing need for most businesses to have all of their contacts in one place. It's not quite easy to accomplish manually, but most CRM has a feature in place that helps them accomplish it. 

Top 5 CRMs for Managing Real Estate Leads 

You are already familiar with how you can benefit from real estate CRMs but do you know which best CRM tools or software to look out for? No? Well, I thought so too, and that is why I have included the Top 5 CRM tools that work well for real estate leads. Here they are: 



Offrs is a lead generation company with one sole purpose: to help real estate professionals grow their business. Along with providing real estate leads, they provide a CRM and marketing system. You are welcome to upload your own sphere of leads or buy buyer and seller leads from Offrs. Features include email, direct mail, voicemails, Facebook, and Google ads. Offrs is an all-in-one tool for any agent who is looking for a long term solution to their business. 



Did you know 92% trust referrals from people they know and are 6X more likely to do business with you? Reach150 isn't technically a CRM, however, we though it was worth to mention in this article. Reach150 is a systematic and simple way to grow your business through referrals. They utilize your past clients to generate testimonials and referrals. If you have done one successful real estate transaction, a tool such as Reach150 is an absolute necessity. 



Contactually has many features that make it a distinguished CRM from the countless many you'd find in the market today. Although it is an expensive CRM, you sure get your money's worth from using the software. One of the few amazing features of this CRM is that it can help you choose a perfect time for sending cold pitch emails to your target customers. 


Follow Up Boss

Undeniably, this is one of the best real estate CRM tools as it seamlessly creates a good rapport between customers and leads. It has a beautiful interface which makes using it fun. 



LionDesk is a famous CRM that is appropriately structured and designed to meet the unique needs of realtors.It has many features like bulk text/email automated campaigns and video email. These are features that can help Realtor that want to reach out to leads. 



BoomTown is a unique CRM tool that provides special packages, especially to people, based on what they need the CRM for. The BoomTown CRM tool combines notable features like the contact synchronization you'd get across all devices and lead generation. It is a popular CRM among realtors.  



Although HubSpot is not designed for realtors, it is undeniably one of the best CRMs tools we have in the market today. It offers most basic CRM service at no cost which means they are usable if you are still trying to get exposure on how CRMs tools work and how it suits your business as a Realtor. 



You can have your fill trying to manage your contact manually, but it's stressful. And why refuse to take the easier route if it is staring at you right in the face? Try one CRM tool today, and as a Realtor, you'd be able to tell the differences. 

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