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Agent’s Guide To Email Marketing In Real Estate

Agent’s Guide To Email Marketing In Real Estate

Using emails to market your real estate services has a ton of benefits. In this article we cover the most important ones.

It seems that everything is going digital, at least if you live within civilization, which I’m sure you do, considering that you are reading this. Even sales have been going strong online. People are willing to give up the chance to touch the fabric, fit the shoes, and smell the scent in real life. 

While you still need to let your real estate client tour the house, online pictures can initiate the pull. Email campaigns can especially bridge the gap between you and a client who has never seen your offerings before.  


What Is Email Marketing? 

Email marketing refers to sending ads or any type of commercial message through email. Emails can be directed towards existing clients or even prospective ones. 

For it to be effective, you must send emails regularly. This way, you can remind your clients about current sales and keep their attention if they have not bought anything yet. This type of marketing also makes it easy for you to establish a working relationship with your clients. 


What Makes It An Effective Tool For Real Estate?  

Real estate promotes big purchases. Therefore, you need to be able to communicate your facts clearly to persuade clients to buy. After all, you are not selling a pencil or a blouse. You are selling a house or a lot, which may cost hundreds of thousands of dollars per unit.  


1. It Is Inexpensive But Personalized Way Of Connecting  

The cheapest and most effective way of sending out information nowadays is by email. Emails can be more in-depth, though precise. They can also be sent to several clients at the same time. Even if that is the case, you can still personalize your emails so that each client feels seen and heard. 

The personalized and professional effect must have been why emails are more effective than Facebook ads. However, you could also point out that Facebook ads only reach about 2% of its target audience. Emails, on the other hand, make several direct landings.  


2. It Shows A Desire To Move With The Times  

In 2018, the National Association of REALTORS® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers had traced 50% of its participants’ connections online. Younger realtors also prefer to use a landing blog site from which prospective clients can enter their email addresses to become part of their mailing list. Clients will appreciate your desire to move with the 21st century. They would want to be involved with someone flexible and open to continuous development.  


3. It Establishes A Relationship, Which Can Be Educational At That  

When emails are supported by niche blogs, you can continuously send relevant information to your target clients without them feeling attacked by an information dump.  

Your clients will appreciate your dedication to and knowledge about your field. Your emails should also include links to your latest blog articles because you want to emphasize your commitment and expertise.   


What Should Your Articles Be About?  

The articles should talk about various aspects of real estate. They should be helpful to your client’s real estate purchase. They should be objective and educational instead of out rightly advertising your services. Of course, they should still have a clear but indirect actionable approach that will help you earn your desired sales.  


What Are The Benefits Of Real Estate Email Marketing?  

Using emails to market your real estate services has a ton of benefits. Here are some of the most important ones:  

  • It allows you to connect with and establish a relationship with several clients at a time.  
  • Email templates make it easy for you to create email scripts for every occasion or purpose. 
  • Existing and past clients can easily send referrals to people they know.  
  • Automated features make it easy for you to focus on writing your blogs and solidifying relationships through face-to-face meetings.  
  • How do you use real estate email marketing to generate leads? 

When you use email templates for marketing your services, you still apply a healthy dose of your personality to the text. Ensure that your email scripts provide a voice for you even if you cannot talk to each of your target clients simultaneously.  

Several email marketing services can make all of the above so much easier for you. Just make sure to get all your facts ready. Take some high-quality pictures of the kinds of lots and houses that you sell. Collect the testimonies that you can get from past clients.  

You generate leads through these emails by: 

  • Sending all the information that a buyer could need through a format that they could return to or even print 
  • Opening various ways of communicating by providing your contact details (your business email address, phone/mobile number, business address, etc.) 
  • Delivering patient marketing and thorough information  
  • Making them feel like they are part of the community 
  • Create a warm relationship that does not feel like an invasion of privacy 

How Does It Help You Succeed As A Realtor? 

Email marketing is here to stay. You just need to know how to use the medium to connect to your prospective clients. They must feel welcome to remain part of the mailing list when they are not yet ready. At the same time, they should also feel gently encouraged to make the right purchase.  

Because you are a realtor in the 21st century, real estate marketing should place you in the right direction. You will build a reputation for being up to date in terms of your methods and knowledge. Clients want to seek help from agents they perceive to be experts in the build. 

You have enough time to build that reputation through your regular emails. However, you should never think of this marketing method as an excuse to bombard your clients with messages. You don’t want them to get annoyed with your emails that they decide to unfollow you.  

To make the most of this marketing strategy, do the following: 

  • Have a professional build a business website for you to host your mailing list form 
  • Regularly contribute helpful real estate articles to your website
  • Use real estate email templates and real estate email scripts for various purposes: welcome, relevant news, links to new blog posts, developments in the projects you are involved with, birthday greetings, and season’s greetings. 



You will be successful as long as you keep things balanced. Remember to suggest courses of action without being too forceful. After all, you are a cut above door-to-door and telephone salesmen. 

What are your thoughts?

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