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Agent’s Guide To Real Estate Google Ads

Agent’s Guide To Real Estate Google Ads

Real Estate sales involve a lot of work. You have to find as many strategies that you can to make it a lot easier. Using Google Ads can provide with a completive edge.

While houses are part of a human’s basic needs, they can still be difficult to sell. After all, they typically cost a lot. So, buyers need to pause and think about it and even consult their family members before committing. On the other hand, agents need to compete with several others like them for the sales.  

This is why agents try various methods of advertising their services and offerings. One such way that a modern agent can sell houses and lots is through Google Ads.  


Why are Google Ads Effective to Real Estate?

Real Estate sales involve a lot of work. You have to find as many strategies that you can to make it a lot easier. Using Google Ads can provide you with the following advantage: 



1. You can target the best prospective clients as you zero in on intent

When you use Google Advertising, you can get more buyer leads and seller leads in this increasingly digital world. You will find it easier to connect your information to more people, even those who do not currently live in your area.  

Facebook Ads may link you with people in your requested demographics, mostly current location, age, and gender. However, these social media ads often pop up in the background. Your target audience may or may not notice. 

Meanwhile, people use Google when they have an intention to connect with certain information. Someone from outside your targeted location may also seek to purchase property there.  


2. You can specify the geography of your target viewers

Even though geography is not always a guarantee, it will still control your reach to people who are actually interested in buying property from you. Real estate marketing often depends on effectively selling property found on a piece of land.  Where that land is located is important.  


3. You can add a time range to the campaign

When you use Google, you can adjust your campaign to work for you, even at night. You cannot usually do this when you are physically doing your rounds as a real estate agent. 


4. There is no need to bombard potential clients with calls and visits

Some clients love their privacy. So, calling and visiting them at their home or office can provide them with enough anxiety to have them cross out your name from their list of possible agents. You may even get blocked. Real estate marketing does not have to be that outwardly aggressive, but Google advertising still makes it persistent.  


5. The campaign is less physically taxing

Because the bulk of your marketing strategies is done online, you don’t have to do many house visits, open houses, and cold calls. The back and forth to connect buyer leads to seller leads can be done mostly online. You can draw potential buyers’ and sellers’ attention to your ability to sell or buy for them.  


6. The ads will help you cater to a new breed of buyers and sellers

We are in the 21st century. So, it is no surprise that 42% of home buyers have found their property purchases online. 


How to Use Google Advertising to Drive Traffic and Generate Leads  

How does Google work for a real estate agent, anyway? Well, the search engine will post your sponsored ads online, prioritizing them over other search leads. Prospective buyers and sellers will be searching for keywords to connect them to what you have to offer.  

If you are an independent agent, you will have a hard time pitting yourself against big companies without using Google Ads. 

So, let us think about this scenario: 

You want to sell a property located in Juneau, Alaska. When a prospective buyer uses specific search terms such as “homes for sale in Juneau, Alaska,” he will be directed towards ads and the links to the most popular real estate websites (Zillow, Realtor, etc.). If you don’t have an ad, the prospective client will not see a link to your site on the first page, maybe not even on the search results’ second page. 

On the other hand, your Google Ad will place your link right above the rest. Your ad will seamlessly fit into the results, except for a tiny text in bold with “Ad” right before it.  Because of this, the client will more likely click on your ad. Most people believe that the first page of results holds the most relevant information.  

This is the way Google can help you drive traffic towards your website.  

When the prospective buyer is on your website, he can fill out your prepared form on your landing page. You must have created one wherein he can enter his contact details. This is how you make a mailing list of your leads. 

Google Ads help by providing you statistics on how people react to your link. They answer the following questions: 

  • How many unique views did you get over a certain period? 
  • How many did the desired action (signed up for the mailing list?) 

You can take the data and compare it to your actual generated revenue, lead generation, and conversion rate. This way, you can easily see if paying for the ads make a lot of sense for you.  


How to Run Google Ads  

Finally, here is a quick guide to running these ads to work for you.  



  1. Create a business account at Google if you have not done so yet. 
  2. Then go to https://ads.google.com and sign in. 
  3. Check the left-side menu and click on Campaigns.  
  4. Click the plus button to activate sub-options. 
  5. Choose New Campaign.  
  6. View the available goals and click the ones that suit your real estate needs.  
  7. Build on the Google ad campaign according to those needs. 

Creating the campaign is simple enough. Google is pretty user-friendly. So, you just need to read carefully and follow instructions. 

Make sure you use powerful ad words and continue adding to these keywords according to your search reports. Moreover, allocate your budget well if you are seeking both buyer leads and seller leads.  

What are your thoughts?

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