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Lead Generation 101 - What is it and How Can You Do it Effectively? 

Lead Generation 101 - What is it and How Can You Do it Effectively? 

In this article, we cover what lead generation is and effective strategies top agents are using to generate leads.

Lead generation is the process of converting target consumers into actively interested potential clients. People in sales are always trying to get this done. Even real estate agents are often in the business of finding possible buyers.  

What is a lead, anyway?  

A lead is anyone who expresses a passing interest in the company. The generation makes the connection stronger. In real estate, this term refers to house hunters. You must connect your service to those who need it.  

But how can you perform lead generation effectively?    

For your leads to result in sales, you must make connections with the right people using the correct methods. You may go through a process that looks like this: 

Step One: A visitor checks out your business  

Your potential client may come to visit you or your website. He will check if he is interested. If he is not, he may not be a good lead, anyway. So, that is not a loss. This is why your business must be packaged nicely: a comfy office with the right visuals or user-friendly with enough information on the blurb.  Your website should have a call to action (CTA), which clearly leads to somewhere.  

Step Two: The visitor responds to your CTA 

If the visitor likes what he sees or wants to know more, he will inquire. In the face-to-face setting, he will come to ask you directly. He will express his interest in what you are selling. 
Real estate hunters will usually ask a lot of questions. After all, they are looking to purchase a big-ticket item. For you to generate real estate leads as a new agent, you can go beyond the usual friends and family referrals. Posting flattering but honest pictures of the property on social media is a tangible and effective option. You will get inquiries.  

Step Three: You or your website directs the potential client to fill a form 

Your website should clearly direct your potential buyer to fill a form. This is not just true for subscriptions and discounted items. Lead generation for real estate agents can also now be done through filling a form online.  
What are other methods of lead generation? 
Here are just some of them: 

1. Facebook Messenger Ads

If you don’t want your lead generation tactic to remain static, go with Facebook Messenger Ads. You will keep your potential clients’ attention by not pushing them to fill forms. Instead, they get into a “live” conversation right after they click. If you cannot hold live conversations with clients at all times, you can provide an option to click on multiple choices so that they can either get their questions answered or their applications for more information submitted.  

2. Predictive Analytics

With the help of predictive analytics, you can zero in on your local area instead of promoting to people who may not be able to avail of your product, anyway. Companies such as SmartZip do exactly this, predict future listings across the entire nation. Real estate agents then use this data as their farm to generate a greater ROI year after year. 

3. Outbound Calls

This may sound very old-fashioned but it can work. Call people that you already know. They are more likely to trust you, especially in the case of real estate. Most people spend money on real estate in some way.  

4. Pitch List to Local News Outlets

Get the word out. If your product is compelling enough, you may get it talked about on TV or on the radio.  

5. Quarterly Personal Meetups

Lead generation may work well if you have a personal connection with people. Check up on possible leads by meeting up with them.  

The above are just some of the possible ways to effectively generate leads. Don’t forget that it is not about you. Keep the branding focused on real estate (or whatever the product is) and not on a personal one.  

What are your thoughts?

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