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How To: Generate Listings with Smart Zip

How To: Generate Listings with Smart Zip

Generating leads that are customized to your company can often be challenging. Fortunately for you, SmartZip offers a robust and specific list of seller leads generated through predictive analytics.

Generating leads that are customized to your company can often be challenging. Fortunately for you, SmartZip offers a robust and specific list of seller leads generated through predictive analytics.  

To take advantage of this opportunity and make the most out of your marketing strategy, all you need to is follow these simple steps: 


Create A Farm  

Before setting up an account, you can work with a member of the SmartZip sales team to set up a farm, which is a customized package designed specifically for your business. It helps you ensure that you generate more specific seller leads. Preferably, you should perform this step before setting up your account, but you can contact Customer Service anytime to get in touch with the sales team and get started on a farm. 


Set Up Your Profile 

To begin creating your profile, click on the launchpad. It will automatically guide you through the steps through profile setup. Since setting up will require detailed personal and business information, be sure to have a headshot and logo for your brokerage prepared ahead of time. If you prepare these ahead of time, signup should only take five to fifteen minutes. You can choose to sign up as an independent agent, partner, or team. If you ever need to change your details, you can always edit your profile by clicking on the launchpad or going to profile settings. 


Launch Your Lead Capture Site 

To launch your lead capture site, go to Account Settings. Then, look for the Campaign Settings box and click the “Lead Capture Websites” hyperlink. Once you navigate to this area, you can come up with a unique subdomain, so potential seller leads can find you. You can also customize your lead capture site by going to “Offer Pages.” 


Begin Branding 

Once you launch your lead capture site, you are ready to begin branding to generate leads. Under campaign settings, click the “Branding” tab. You can customize your branding by either uploading a brand you have created or using the templates on Smart Zip. To ensure that your seller leads receive your branding, you can use the “Seed Mailers” option to send the marketing campaign to yourself whenever you send it to leads.  


Launch Your Marketing Campaign 

To launch your actual marketing campaign, go to the “Campaigns” bar to approve and edit advertising orders. You can select a wide variety of advertising options, including ads, direct mail, and insights. For direct mail, SmartZip only bills when mail is exported. Because of this, you can set up a campaign up to a year in advance, but if you need to remove it, you will be able to at no cost. In addition, you can edit the campaigns up to the time they are sent out. 


Find Contacts 

Smart Zip finds seller leads and automatically puts them in a contact list to help you send your marketing campaign to the right people. If you would like, you can also import contacts from clients you have worked with before. To find the page listing leads, click the “Contacts” bar. There, you will find details on your seller leads, which include information about property details, tax records, contact information, and some demographics. SmartZip offers credits to gain insights into the best contacts, and you can buy more as needed. Furthermore, you can use filters to analyze your listing leads more effectively.  


As a side note, use the CRM already offered in SmartZip rather than a previously created one, so you can have all of the information about the leads that SmartZip offers. Once you establish your leads, however, you can move some of their data to your original CRM. 


Nurture Leads 

Once you are successful in generating leads, this is the most important step to optimize your SmartZip experience. When you nurture your leads, potential sellers are more likely to remember your company and sell to you. Focus only on the top 20% in the contacts section listing your leads so that you can better connect with the right people. This period may last for several months before you start gaining buyers, but there is also a good chance that you will observe results quickly. 


Final Thoughts 

When you follow these steps, SmartZip will help you “send the right message to the right people at the right time,” as mentioned in the Onboarding Webinar. With the tools in front of you for success, why wait? 

If you would like additional tips in preparing for SmartZip, please check out this compilation of helpful sites. 

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