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Lock It Down: Owning Territory In the SMB Data Revolution

Lock It Down: Owning Territory In the SMB Data Revolution

It's a war out there and the first shots have already been fired... but because data is quiet, you haven't seen your competition landing hits on your brand well in advance of 2019...

Weaponized Info In The SMB Arena

When you hear Big Data, you're likely not thinking of a small, home contractor in Orlando, but as we near 2019, with the proliferation of data, the reduction of access to the data and the productization of data services (specifically catering to small-to-medium-sized businesses) is now on the menu and ready for order. This affords an opportunity for those entrepreneurial spirits bold-enough to once again learn and adapt to the latest game-changing technologies. Unfortunately, like many innovations in marketing channel technologies (email, social, mobile, etc.), those that come late to the party are doomed to fall behind and spend the next decade playing catch-up to their competition's gain. In this modern era of data access, those that aren't seizing data opportunities for their business are inevitably falling prey to the effects of its deployment by their competitors.


Getting Ahead Of The Trend

There are few opportunities in business that are both proven-enough to mitigate significant risk and yet novel-enough to nevertheless provide an edge over competitive forces. But this is largely the case when it comes to SMD business intelligence. For decades, enterprise brands have been collecting and utilizing the same intelligence that is only now hitting the SMB market. We know this because offrs has been on both sides of this market, catering first to enterprise entities, then providing those same services to SMB operations across the nation (as the market was ready for the service). Once again, we're at an interesting intersection, but this time, it's across multiple industries. From real estate to plumbing, we're seeing requests for residential data pour in and as we near 2019, you're going to see it too. This is your opportunity to jump ahead of the curve.


Data Sized For Your Business

The great news about data is that it scales quite well. We've already mapped many of the micro motivations of consumers and outward to the industry-changing macro trends that these data models and predictions drive. From small to large, we've got data covered. So what does this mean for your business heading into 2019? It means that we can provide data access packages (licenses) that are truly affordable for mom & pop brands while still offering unique insights into your market that can provide an edge over your competition. It also means that we can scale up (or down) with your operation, your marketing capabilities and, perhaps most importantly, with your marketing budget itself. Essentially, offrs data solutions are flexible. And that's the real power behind your own business, right? offrs helps you retain your nimble maneuverability, without locking you down to something your marketing team isn't yet ready to handle.


Access Is More Than An Entry Point

Access to data is more than a starting point and having access to data isn't just about you. What do we mean by this? If you have a teammate, perhaps a business partner or someone helping you with your current marketing needs, then dropping data in their lap in the form of a list of names and data points isn't going to affect much change in your marketing ROI... in order to maximize the intelligence gained, you need the proper tools to make sense of it (specifically for your industry). This is why we have developed not only the best small business intelligence solutions but the internet browser-based toolsets to help you make sense of the data your accessing. But more importantly, we provide these tools to you and your team... because the most powerful marketing campaigns incorporate lead conversion methodologies and hand-off processes that only you and your team know. We've got your back... the whole team.


All We Need To Get You Going

What do we need to get you started? Well, in short... you. We have seen all manners of small business/big data scenarios and we can tell you (well ahead of the market you serve) how your industry is going to trend. We can then if you'd like, guide you toward a data access solution that can significantly improve your marketing ROI. Be that by adding pinpoint message targeting for your existing campaigns or post marketing analysis to determine where past campaigns may have failed (and why)... we've got a solution for you. Now, all we need is... you. Give one of our small business / big data specialists a call and see what we can do for your business (well ahead of the curve).





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