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offrs Real Estate Agent Leads Save You Money & Time

offrs Real Estate Agent Leads Save You Money & Time

offrs real estate agent leads grow your business and help you balance your work/life ratio. How can offrs leads help your real estate business and household? Find out here...


offrs Real Estate Agent Leads: Money Is Time

The old saying that "time is money" has an inverse truth to it... money is time. In the end, all this work has to account for something valuable to us and whether that something is your story or your loved ones' stories, the more time you have to balance your presence in that story, the better. Unfortunately, this industry we all work as agents can be harsh and demanding, requiring our presence at every turn. So how do we balance out the load and finally get our work-to-life ratio in check? We'll show you how you can turn a steady flow of real estate agent leads into a growing business and... more time to spend on your own, personal legacy. Let's explore...


The Freedom Of A Flowing Pipeline

When you consider that time with your family and/or your personal legacy is dependent on a steady flow of inbound The E-Myth by Michael E. Gerber, automation's organized cousin "systematization" is the key to growing your business so that you're consistently creating a business for your family... not a job for your family. Ultimately, it's all about finding those things that you can delegate successfully to others in the office or to other service providers... tasks that up to now, you may actually only have been half-heartedly fulfilling. That last part can hurt, but let's explore how it creeps into our business.


The Ugly Truth To Business Ownership

There are few things around launching your own brand of product and/or service that aren't inspiring. Our nation was built on the foundation of vision, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Yet seldom in our industry do we see true innovation. As a largely service-based market, we often settle on our contribution being our smile or handshake. That is to say, your entire business model may be built around the concept that you're providing a unique service... but when was the last time you took a look at the engine running your operation?

When you first started, how enthused you were to purchase new supplies and create your own procedures? Look at this small list of entrepreneurial inspirations. When you first started in this industry (or when you first branched out on your own to go conquer the world), how many of these did you yourself own as a mantra... something you were going to bring to life with your own take on real estate...


  • A hunger to take on any opportunity big or small
  • A promise to engage with every one of your seller leads
  • A commitment to aiding new and past clients alike with the same level of care
  • A team-building attitude centered around client experience
  • And so on...

And yet, as with many things in life, we all grow content with the pace of things and can lose our edge over time. This is the ugly truth to business ownership... we all become content and complacent. That is, we do if we don't put in place check-ups on our core principles and procedures. Well, with the strides that have been made in real estate lead generation, if you're not taking note as to how you can automate your inbound lead generation for real estate, then you're wasting either time, money or both. The good news is that there's a path forward to help you grow both now.

As we've stated loud from the hilltops, real estate listing leads are no longer rare. And more to the point, we have real estate leads in abundance thanks in part to our active real estate predictive analytics technologies as well as our passive real estate lead generation websites. You see, while the industry's been working on the daily grind, offrs has been working around the clock to innovate in areas that will allow our agents to focus in on the more relationship-oriented aspects of our business... whether that's in the office... or at home. Let's take a look...


How offrs Services Grow Money & Time

As stated at the top of this article, the saying "Time is Money" works inversely (that money is also time). But what do we mean by this? While it's fairly straight-forward, the path to gaining more time by making bringing in more money is actually something lost by entrepreneurs over the course of their business's life. After all, if you're burning the midnight hours to increase your numbers on the back-end or front-end, how can you possibly give more and gain more? But as we saw above, real estate lead generation services can free you (your business's primary asset) up to focus in on both closing listing leads and/or spending more time with your loved ones.

We've actually seen several variants of this play out, so really, the course is yours to set. Automating one aspect of your business can generate more time, more money or both. And how you spend that time, whether to grow your business by giving more time to the back-end or to spend more time on your own family legacy... that's up to you. More often, we hear our agents talking about growing their business, but what could more hours in your day look like (if you didn't have to chase after every inbound lead and if, instead, these real estate seller leads were coming into your inbox each week)? This is something that we, as business owners, seldom consider... cashing in without cashing out. Let's expand on this...


Cash In... Without Cashing Out

The concept of work until you drop is... well, outdated. It's been a long time since any of us were so doe-eyed as to believe that there would be some sort of golden-watch retirement party at the end of our work life. And while this reality has rooted into our lives, we've simultaneously seen a resurgence of retirees re-entering the field (or having never left at all). In this is a new deal, what some might call, the ultimate plan... cashing in without cashing out. The concept is simple and plays out rather well in this new world we all live in. You'll forgive us if we repeat ourselves here... using automation to free up time for you.


What It's All For

Once you've gotten any end of your operation automated (for instance, by putting in place the top real estate lead generator in the business and covering all of your real estate lead generation needs), you'll then allocate your time spent on this task (in this case, lead generation) towards you time. You see, lead generation for real estate agents doesn't always have to be about growing your business... while it can be, it can also be about freeing up space for you and your loved ones. Ultimately... isn't that what we're working for? offrs has led the way among real estate lead generation companies and we've gotten here by putting you, your business and your family first. Isn't it time that you take another look at the engine running your business? Isn't it time you look at automating your business to fit your life? Isn't it time for another look at offrs?




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