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The Enterprise Real Estate Lead Generation Companies Need

The Enterprise Real Estate Lead Generation Companies Need

When it comes to real estate lead generation, companies cannot afford supply line failures. offrs provides SMB and enterprise offrs lead gen solutions for all.

Enterprise v SMB Lead Generation

The bigger the boat, the deeper the waters need to be. Makes sense in the practical world... and in our industry too. However, all too often, our enterprise peers in the industry get lumped in with the same scale service as SMBs. To clarify what we mean, not all real estate lead generation companies provide exponential lead generation growth potential like offrs does. You have linear scalability options, sure... but as with our ship metaphor, proper engineering requires an understanding of (and planning for) exponential displacement calculations as part of their design and specifications. In short... there is a strong case to be made that larger, more regional brands need significantly more inbound leads in their sales pipeline in order to simply stay afloat, then even more as they head out into turbulent waters. Yet despite this need, many real estate lead generation companies fall short, merely stacking existing SMB services one on another in linear fashion. It's just not enough.


A Slow-Moving, Yet Stable Behemoth

The concept of exponential anything is sometimes a lot to chew on. But with larger real estate operations, you cannot afford to fall short in any simple task. While we all feel the pain of downward regional market trends, SMB operations' nimble size allows for more spur-of-the-moment maneuvers whereas larger operations entailing larger teams often spread out across the landscape require significantly more time to adjust to often dynamic housing trends and market gaps/opportunities. Being the slow-moving, yet stable behemoth your enterprise operation is, your leadership has to plan more long-term lead generation solutions. We've discussed SMB lead generation quite a bit (and we're proud to have helped establish many of the industry's small/medium-sized business applications, toolsets, and methodologies towards lead generation and conversion), but what about offrs' regional and national brand services? Well, of course, we have you covered there too! =)


Feeding The Lead Generation Beast

At its core, offrs lead generation is actually an enterprise solution. We simply packaged the results down to the agent level and this is advantageous to your larger operations as well. With a top-down approach to technical capabilities and a bottom-up approach to usability and accessibility, your business benefits on both fronts. First, the seller leads that offrs generates are gathered and processed from enterprise-level data partners, the same data providers that fuel nearly all of the enterprise solutions we use every day in the consumer and municipal sectors. Second, the leads generated are packaged and delivered in such a way as to minimize mid-level management services. In fact, we've automated many of the lead routing steps required by brokers or team leaders in order to distribute inbound leads across any number of agents. With offrs, procuring and assigning inbound home seller leads is a turnkey service we've got handled, leaving you to tend to the more long-term, relationship-building activities required for your brand's presence in the community.


Weathered Lead Generation Results

A foundational hallmark of quality real estate lead generation companies like offrs is time-tested results. Stunning machine design and innovation is one thing, but there's nothing as solid as delivery upon delivery, year over year for our clients. This is why we've also built in lead generation accuracy and Quality Control measures into our solutions. Leading with the philosophy that every homeowner is a lead, we track every homeowner in your farm, monitoring the stages they naturally progress through on their lead conversion path. At multiple points during each of these stages, we work with you, with the homeowner and with the automated systems we have in place in order to ultimately build a bridge between your brand and the homeowner's needs. In the end, you, the trusted service brand will be the one that delivers, but it will have been the offrs lead generation solutions that delivered you there. We believe in consistent farming, that it's imperative to solid long-term opportunities. This is our motivation... as we design lead generation solutions for you.


Enterprise Service, SMB Pricing

Just as you benefit from top-down tech and bottom-up accessibility, offrs pricing fits quite nicely within the budget of nearly all agents that are serious about their operational sustainability. The connection between high-value and high-cost is largely misunderstood (at least when it comes to lead generation solutions and delivery by offrs). In fact, we remain not only the best-performing lead generation service provider for SMB and enterprise real estate professionals, we're also one of the most economical (when looking at apples-to-apples services). Where are those discrepancies between what our closest peers provide and the robust lead generation we provide? Frankly, it's the hype. In fact, agents that we work with are often amazed that offrs has been, for the last 5+ years, one of the founding lead generation technology innovators building up the next generation tools for agents and brands across the nation. We put a lot of effort into our solutions, but our reputation is building quite the following too. =) Maybe it's time for your leadership team to learn more about the real estate lead gen tools... of 2019.





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