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Real Estate Seller Leads -  Prioritizing Your Tools

Real Estate Seller Leads - Prioritizing Your Tools

Looking for real estate seller leads? Most of the top agents are... offrs has you covered. Come along as we discuss offrs lead generation and marketing strategies for 2018 and beyond!

Editor's Note: Be sure to check out the offrs partner for lead generation, MoxiWorks. offrs connects seamlessly with this and many other real estate CRM's!


Real Estate Seller Leads (Welcome To The Battlefield)

Of all the tools you have available at your disposal, which have delivered consistently for your business, for your brand... for your ease of mind? There's no shortage of tools you have available, so we wanted to help you prioritize your marketing tool budget. No, not your marketing budget, your marketing tool budget. As seen in the recent NAR state of the industry report for 2018, the years ahead could be tough if you aren't ready to jump into the game swinging. We'll get into that in a bit, but for now, let's take a look at the competitive battlefield laid out before you...

We've gone into this briefly in other articles, but let's look at what many agents across the country are relying on for their business. It's safe to say that we all know the agent types... we've created enough infographics detailing agents, agent teams and brokers to fill up a vault. =) But with each real estate professional, there is an approach they've mastered and with that, a set of tools they've come to rely on.


  • There's the old-schooler. They'll take on more of the relationship-building efforts. It would be incorrect to assume that this means they only live and work in the real-world as many next-generation performers have also become comfortable building lasting relationships with their community both online and offline.


  • There's the marketing whiz. If being a people-person isn't necessarily in your cards, but delivering solid, qualifying messaging is, then you've probably been elected the marketing whiz in your office. The ability to take a long-form concept and bring it down to appetizer-size portions is a gift you know all about.


  • There's the ground-pounder. Do it right, do it wrong... just get it done. Often times, these tanks of the industry work the numbers. It's not a bad strategy as long as you're not leaving a wake of unserviced clients behind you. Unfortunately, this can be the case in a numbers game, so be mindful of your brand.


The New Data-Driven Agent

We could go on and on, but you get where we're going. It's not so much that these are defined (or limited roles), it's more that these are familiar roles. And this is something we wanted to highlight with this fun review of agent types (and their various approaches). You see, we all know agents that fall under this category (pick one, any one). And if everyone is laying out the same approach, the same strategy, then it may just be that the ones to inherit the farm will be those that took some warranted risk in their marketing. Enter a new class of agent, the data-based agent.

This isn't necessarily something new. But let's say that we're talking about the last decade or two of online, social and mobile tools. The fancy stuff you might have said you'd never need to use, but ended up needing before long (don't worry, we're all on that same boat). If you're like most steady-moving, results-driven business owners, then you likely don't leap on trends just because the masses are. Sure, you may have some presence here or there (just so that your brand can take part in the conversation), but you likely haven't diverted significant resources to new tools just because they were the talk of the town at the time. You want to see the numbers... we get it. So do we.


A Change Is Brewing

But there are some strange times coming up and, as an industry, we're going to have to adapt to some changes (not all) fairly quickly. One of those changes is data. Until now, data access has been limited to large corporations, shareholders... you know the drill. But for small-to-medium-sized businesses across the country, there's been limited points we could latch on to for our marketing efforts. Simply put, the data was just so costly, so vast... making it accessible was just too daunting a prospect. And this is where we see offrs comes in. In 2013, offrs started providing data access to agents... homeowners in their farm, sure... but also homeowners that have been scored based on their likely motivation to list their home.

At the time, this use of real estate predictive analytics was very intriguing. Few industries had really adopted it at such a public level, but offrs did so (and provided a data access program to utilize this information). That last part there is very important, because frankly... if it's not usable, it's not going to be used. Okay, so we fast-forward 5 years and where are we? Well, we've employed multiple top-tier data providers, adjusted our algorithm and formed strategic partnerships to help manually trace our success rate year-over-year. And we can say with pride, that offrs has delivered... consistently... a 70% average national accuracy in the homes we've predicted would list within 12 months. Pretty cool.


What Are Your Real Estate Marketing Priorities?

It doesn't take much number-crunching to see the value in a program that (with a 70% accuracy) can predict which 250 of the 2,500 homes in your area (as an example) are the ones most likely to list. As we've demonstrated before, many offrs agents use this SMB business intelligence to cut their marketing budget significantly (think about how much it could save your business if you knew with a high degree of accuracy which 90% of the homes just weren't ready to list yet)! Others use this intelligence to double down their marketing reach (focusing heavily on the 250 homes in the same area, but then targeting nine other areas with the same budget as before), or... both. How you employ this insight is up to you, of course.

Like the agent types listed above (as well as the approaches we went through for each), how you take advantage fo this next-generation of SMB data tools is up to you, but it is your advantage to take. The question is, will you do so before your competition. You see, we're at a pivitol time in technology for our industry. And yes, there are a lot of tools (and hype around various tools available to agents in the field), but the question you have to ask yourself is... which tools are delivering solid value (qualified seller leads) and which are maybe less of a priority this year? offrs delivers, but you're going to have to take the first step in order to get it into play on your behalf. Are you ready to make the change your business needs to stay competitive in the coming market? Let's do this!





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