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Real Estate Leads Are Made, Not Found... And offrs Delivers

Real Estate Leads Are Made, Not Found... And offrs Delivers

Real estate leads don't just magically appear in your farm, they're cultivated and offrs helps make that possible. offrs lead generation and conversion strategies work for you (day and night). Let's explore...

What Do All Real Estate Leads Have In Common?

They were there the whole time. Yup. Okay, so it sounds a little obvious, but hey... that's usually where you find those lost keys, right? Now the hard part... we've got to dive in and face a little costly pride. So here goes. This whole time, every home that could have been yours to list was already in your hand (assuming you have a solid list of homeowner names and contact info you're working with here - if not, go ahead and reach out to one of the offrs lead generation specialists and learn about lead generation for real estate - you've got some catching up to do)!

Okay, so we've said it before, but it pays (literally) to really own this understanding of lead conversion best practices... real estate seller leads were yours to lose this whole time. Up to now, you've likely felt that you've had little to no impact on which homeowners were going to list with other agents working your farm. But this go around, you've got access to proven technology that's going to do some heavy lifting for you (more like continuous qualifying, but we'll get into that later). For now, let's explore this scenario out a little further, as it's likely been a thorn in your business since you first started out in real estate.

An Advantage That Is Already Yours Right Now

So, we've talked some pretty harsh truths about the leads you've lost, but let's discuss an advantage you have right now. First off, your competition... they're going through the same wringer as you. They're flying blind dealing with your wins (their losses) as much as you are. You, however, have just learned about offrs' lead generation solution (essentially the first active radar on the battlefield). And if you're the first one to deploy real estate predictive analytics and use it to your own advantage, you'll affect your competition's bottom line on three fronts.

Three? Yup. First, you'll be adding funds into your marketing budget (you are setting aside money from your closed listings toward your marketing budget, right?). And that'll be used to up your competitive game the next round. Second, you're taking those same pool of resources away from your competition, so they have less to work with when fighting your brand next round. Finally, it's your sign that's out on that lawn... your colors, your name. The more of those you can get, the better.

Why These Small Wins Matter

So, when we say "the more you can get, the better" we're not just speaking of quantity for quantity's sake. It's marketing psychology... you're  going to want about 20 or so impressions before your brand hits home with all the neighbors. The number ranges depending on which stats you review, the marketing channel you use, the demographic and so on. But essentially, more is not only "better" it's more influentially impacting in the homeowner's mindset when it comes time to make a decision.

But you being there in the decision-making process isn't enough. It takes huge amounts of trust for a homeowner to ultimately decide on your brand. Remember, for most, this isn't a life transaction... it's a potentially life-altering transaction. They don't want to risk time, money or both in a dynamic market where days matter. So it's not going to be enough to just have any brand in front of them repeatedly. It's going to take a large level of trust, earned trust to make a homeowner select you from the line-up.

Real Estate Leads Are Made, Not Found

The title of this article says it all (or at least what we're going to try and land home for you now). Real estate listing leads require refining. It would be irresponsible for us a real estate professionals to just snatch up homeowners that have already done all the work and simply act as tour guides or contract advocates. In the era where every homeowner already feels emboldened with online access to home buyer and home seller databases, we've really got to build trust (not only in our individual brands), but in our industry itself.

We all know that real estate professionals get a bad wrap. Admittedly, there are a lot of agents that came in, grabbed up a lot of deals, ruined our profession and left wondering why it didn't pan out for them in the long-run. In short, you're going to have to build trust in you as a real estate professional, then in you as the only real estate professional that can achieve your client's goals. This is why "finding" leads isn't enough... because if you don't actively build (make) trust in your community, they won't choose you.

On The Trail So Far

We've gone over a lot so far, but let's recap to this point. You've now gained access to homeowner contact information thanks to a data access plan from offrs. As part of that plan, you're also getting updates every few weeks which include a highlighting of which homeowners on the updating list are most likely to list up to 12 months from now. This already gives you a huge, around-the-corner peek, way ahead of your competition in the area. And armed with all of this business intelligence, you're ready to push brand.

As you begin refocus your previously blanket marketing approach on homeowners that are more likely to list coming up than others which may still be holding off on the market, you're ultimately adding new marketing dollars (from attained listings/closings) to your coffers and starving your competition of their average marketing dollars. All-the-while, gaining more brand presence foothold within your farm and... fast becoming the dominant, trusted brand (assuming you're doing the community a good service)!

How All Of This Adds Up

So, let us toot our own horn here a bit. In this above scenario, you started out blind. You may have had a list of numbers to call or emails to blast out to, but gaining updated, multi-channel contact info and, to top that off, having the offrs predictive analytics algorithm take constant passes through it to filter out which ones are the most likely to need your real estate services in the immediate months ahead... well, that's gold in itself! But what you've really gained here is a repeatable system.

As we've said before... when you're an industry disrupter, it's not enough to do something amazing just once. You have a new inspiration to do it again and again. Well, this time, it's your turn in the spotlight. The offrs real estate lead generation solution is an amazing tool, but the results are yours to own. Once you've landed your first listing through offrs, take a deep breath and know... you can do this over and over and over again. The engine is yours. Don't have leads pouring into your inbox? Time to set up a demo for real estate lead generation at offrs!





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