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What story does your home’s age tell?

What story does your home’s age tell?

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Whether you’re in the market to buy or sell, a home’s age can help tell you a lot. In fact, you may already be picking up on this when it comes to historical districts or cultural hotspots... but what does a home’s age say about its own legacy? Let’s explore a few generations of typical home construction and see what they might have to contribute to the current market.







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Predictive analytics isn’t the future-It’s changing our industry TODAY

Predictive analytics isn’t the future-It’s changing our industry TODAY

It’s a story that’s taken on legendary status in the field of predictive analytics and predictive marketing: Target, after analyzing the buying habits of a teenage girl in Minnesota, sent her mother-to-be product offers in the mail. Her dad called to complain about the coupons targeting a young woman who he said was too young to have a child. Then a week later, he called back… to apologize and admit that his daughter was, in fact, expecting a baby.


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