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  • "Best Real Estate Markets for Homeowners in the U.S." - TheStreet.com"Last year real estate experts predicted that 2018 should continue to be a good year for homeowners, while others are more cautious. But, as always, location is key. These real-estate markets are the healthiest in the U.S...."
  • "12 Things You Need To Know About North Texas Real Estate" - Forbes.com"About 60,000 people moved to North Texas between 2015 and 2016. By North Texas, I mean the 12 counties and cities that bubble out from the Dallas/Fort Worth (or, as Fort Worthians say, Fort Worth/Dallas) hub stretching over 9,286 square miles, the largest inland land area in the U.S. And it is spreading out like crazy: Frisco and McKinney were the fastest growing suburbs in the U.S. last year. That's why acres of homes and apartments are exploding in former farm stops such as Frisco..."
  • "Inman Announces offrs.com Among 2018 Inman Innovator Award Finalists" - PRWeb.com"Real estate insider and industry pillar, Inman has announced this year’s Inman Innovator Award Finalists, among them, predictive analytics and lead generation solutions provider offrs.com. The annual award, which selects a winner from the RE innovation categories of Technology, Company, Broker Owner, Agents, MLS or Association, Team and Marketing Program has identified offrs as a Finalist in the “Most Innovative Real Estate Technology” category for 2018..."
  • "Real estate law trends to watch this year" - AZBigMedia.com"ZRE spoke with some of the great legal minds in commercial real estate to find out what trends and issues they say we should look at before making that next deal..."

News Headlines

"Austin's best buildings: 2018 ABJ Commercial Real Estate Awards celebrate excellence in construction, dealmaking" - BizJournals.com

"Nine of the best real estate projects in Central Texas won big Wednesday night at Austin Business Journal's 2018 Commercial Real Estate Awards, along with a longtime executive who's had a hand in the transformative wave sweeping the region. About 350 attendees were on hand at the awards dinner at the Four Seasons Hotel Austin..."

"March home prices make their biggest jump in 4 years—and half of the biggest housing markets are now overvalued" - CNBC.com

"Home prices have been rising steadily since the recession, but the gains are suddenly accelerating as spring demand heats up in an already highly lean and competitive market..."

"This Serial Tech Entrepreneur Put His $8 Million Home Up For Sale In Bitcoin" - Forbes.com

"For many Americans, the most valuable asset in their investment portfolio is their home. Properly managing this asset and ensuring that it plays into other long-term financial goals requires real estate expertise, which is a skill set most financial advisors lack. However, putting financial advisors and realtors under one roof can create a cross-pollination of ideas and expertise that provides homeowners with a holistic picture of their assets and how to maintain them..."

"Anonymous Owner, L.L.C.: Why It Has Become So Easy to Hide in the Housing Market" - NYTimes.com

"L.L.C.s shield property owners from personal liability while obscuring their identities. In some cases, so much anonymity also enables money laundering, and it can mean that tenants struggle to hold landlords accountable, that cities fail to fix blight and that researchers can’t answer basic questions about the housing market. As much as people may want to keep their financial dealings private, the housing market has long been an unusually transparent place..."

"Researchers: Urban Sprawl Could Impact D.C./Baltimore Housing Market By 2040" - baltimore.cbslocal.com

"Researchers at the University of Maryland College Park have examined how certain changes could affect the quality of life for people in the Baltimore-Washington area about 20 years from now in 2040..."

"The Fighting Has Begun Over Who Owns Land Drowned by Climate Change" - Bloomberg.com

"A decade after the global financial crisis popularized the term “underwater real estate,” parts of the U.S. are grappling with a new, more literal version of that problem..."

It's official: "Real estate industry-focused periodical 'The Buzz' launches with focus on RE pros, home sellers, home buyers and homeowners" - JSOnline.com

It's official:

"DailyRealEstateBuzz.com ('The Buzz') editorial staff announces launch of the real estate industry-focused online periodical with emphasis on bridging industry peer and home market consumer interests. The launch places in motion established content partnerships as well as best practice tips and advice gathered from across multiple industries by The Buzz’s research staff..."

"Seattle hits 18 months as nation’s hottest housing market with no signs of slowing down" - GeekWire.com

"Seattle has held the title of the nation’s hottest housing market for 18 months and counting, as continued population growth powered by the region’s tech boom and few available homes keep prices soaring..."

"Racism in the Housing Market" - NYTimes.com

"If the entire industry can take these same steps, perhaps we can finally start to address and move to eradicate the despicable role that racism is playing in minority homeownership levels, even as we wait for the law to catch up..."

"Changes ahead for Planning Commission?" - AustinMonitor.com

"At this week’s meeting, City Council is scheduled to consider changes to how members of the city’s Planning Commission are selected. The city attorney’s office has offered two alternative approaches – one of which could have a radical impact on the number of engineers, architects and other design professionals allowed to serve on the commission..."

"Philly Real Estate Week hopes to bridge information gap" - Philly.Curbed.com

"A first annual Real Estate Week is coming to Philly this spring, and with it, organizers are hoping to bring lesser-known information on urban planning, home ownership and the structure of the city to the public..."

"Spring hits the housing market as weekly mortgage applications rise 4.9%" - CNBC.com

"A rise in the thermometer across much of the country last week may have been just the remedy for an ailing mortgage market. Mortgage applications increased 4.9 percent from the previous week, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association's seasonally adjusted weekly reading..."

"Stalled Mobility: Another Problem For The Housing Market" - Forbes.com

"The real-estate market is a very important part of the economy and after a nice recovery there are a few cracks forming on the periphery..."

"How Phoenix's Real Estate Market Is Faring 10 Years After Housing Crisis" - NPR.org

"Phoenix was among the cities hit hardest by the mortgage and foreclosure crisis. Ten years later, the city and its real estate market have rebounded, but no one has forgotten..."

"Real estate juggernaut Zillow is going to start buying and flipping houses" - DigitalTreands.com

"Zillow is no longer playing the middleman in the real estate game. On Thursday, the Seattle-based company announced that it would expand testing of a pilot program in Phoenix, in which it will buy and sell homes directly..."

New D.C.-area real estate firm offers a twist to sellers: They’ll get a commission rather than pay one." - WashingtonPost.com

New D.C.-area real estate firm offers a twist to sellers: They’ll get a commission rather than pay one.

"A new real estate brokerage with plans to disrupt the Washington housing market started out with a big surprise: From now through May 31, sellers who list their house with the brokerage will be paid $1,000 rather than pay a commission to sell their property. After the initial launch, sellers will pay a flat fee of $995. In all cases, the sellers pay the buyer’s agent commission of 3 percent..."

"offrs.com co-founder Rich Swier at ERA conference in 2018 reviews the impact real estate agents have on RE technology and tech providers" - ChicagoEveningPost.com

"Every broker will be looking to expand their investment in data to fuel continued lead generation, better serve existing clients and help assure future growth in an increasingly competitive market..."

"Puerto Rico to get $18.5 billion to rebuild shattered housing market" - Reuters.com

"Puerto Rico will receive $18.5 billion from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to help rebuild its battered housing stock and infrastructure after September’s Hurricane Maria, the island’s governor and HUD officials said on Tuesday..."

"DuPage County Named Most Expensive Housing Market in Illinois" - NBCChicago.com

"It appears a northern Illinois county is home to the most expensive housing market in the state, according to a new study. DuPage County was named the priciest market for home buyers in Illinois, with a median price of $316,749..."

"POLL: Developers, Tech Industry Fueling High Real Estate Prices" - CBSLocal.com

"When it comes to real estate sticker shock, a new poll has found that a majority of Bay Area residents place the blame for the high cost of housing on developers and the tech industry. The Silicon Valley Leadership Group says the steep prices are the downside of a booming economy..."

"Home buying market so brutal, some home buyers make offer sight unseen" - USAToday.com

"This spring home-buying season should be a coming-out party for Millennials, many of whom are finally ready to make a purchase after hunkering down for years in their parents’ basements or expensive apartments. The only problem: Much of the food at the party is gone, and what’s left is priced like caviar..."

"The 50 Most Important Figures of Commercial Real Estate Finance" - CommercialObserver.com

"In a competitive year for lending, top financiers duking it out for every deal included, left to right, Jeff DiModica, Brian Baker, Kara McShane, Jeff Fastov, Jeffery Hayward and Marcia Diaz..."

"Hot housing market: home buyers are spending more than expected" - USAToday.com

"In January, home prices nationally were up an average 6.2% from a year earlier, according to the S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller home price index. Prices have risen nearly 50% from their 2012 bottom. Supply shortages, combined with a healthy job market that’s fueling demand, are blamed for the recent price run-up..."

"New York's luxury real estate market is in correction" - CNBC.com

"Real estate sales in Manhattan plunged 25 percent in the first quarter from a year ago, as the new federal tax law, stock market swings and a glut of luxury condos spooked buyers..."

"A booming housing market has realtors in a bind" - CBSNews.com

"Making a living as a realtor, which has never been easy, is becoming increasingly difficult. A record numbers of them are scrambling to broker a dwindling number of available properties in a hot market as housing prices continue to rebound from recession-era lows..."

"The Starbucks View of Retail Real Estate" - nreionline.com

"As retailers continue to make headlines with bankruptcy filings and liquidations, one major tenant is said to be predicting that if the current environment persists, it might permanently reduce its real estate costs..."

"Travis Kalanick buys real estate company, takes CEO reins" - MercuryNews.com

"Former Uber Chief Executive Travis Kalanick talks to the media during an event at the 2016 Breakthrough Prize awards ceremony at NASA Ames Research Center, in Moffett Field Mountain View, on Sunday, Nov. 8, 2015. Kalanick said late Tuesday that he’s buying a controlling stake in a distressed real estate company called City Storage Systems for $150 million and installing himself as CEO..."

"Will Real Estate Technology Find a Home at SXSW?" - PropModo.com

"The topic of real estate may not be catching the headlines on USA Today this week, but there’s a growing real estate and PropTech scene here at the Austin mega-festival this year."

Soon you could own shares of this Brooklyn apartment building with tokens costing just a few dollars - CNBC.com

Soon you could own shares of this Brooklyn apartment building with tokens costing just a few dollars - CNBC.com

"A Brooklyn building may be the first foray into a new investment model that could allow people to invest in a piece of real estate with just a few dollars and the click of a few buttons. Next month, accredited investors can own fractional shares of the five-unit building, represented by tokens purchased through a website built on the ethereum blockchain. Those investors would reap a proportionate amount of rental income. If the building grows in value, so would those shares..."

"Monthly Mortgage Costs to Jump Sharply in 6 Major Markets" - Investopedia.com

"Home prices have been marching higher for several years now, but with mortgage interest rates also ticking up, financing costs are poised to increase significantly in six major markets..."

"'Seller's Market': Foxconn could ignite an already hot housing market" - TMJ4.com

"In Foxconn’s incentive package with the state, the company is supposed to have a thousand jobs in place by the end of the year and eventually employ 13,000 workers. 'As Foxconn comes in and more jobs come in there is that potential that there could be more housing needs,' said Balaka..."

"Tax Law Changes Impacting Real Estate Owners, Developers, and Investors" - JDSupra.com

"On December 22, 2017, President Trump signed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (the 'Act') into law. The Act provides the most sweeping change to the U.S. federal income tax laws in decades and will impact taxpayers engaged in the real estate industry. This alert provides brief answers to some of the important questions we are being asked by real estate owners, developers, and investors concerning the Act and the new partnership audit rules that apply beginning with the 2018 tax year..."

"Lack of Inventory in San Francisco’s Housing Market Has Prices Surging" - MansionGlobal.com

"A lack of supply and thriving buyer demand in San Francisco’s real estate market has the city’s housing market hot under the collar. The market is 'about as heated now as it has been at any time in the past 10 years,' according to a report Thursday by Paragon Real Estate Group, though the brokerage warned that it’s still early in the year to come to any definitive conclusions about where the year is going..."

"In Real Estate, It Pays to Put Women on the Board, Study Shows" - Bloomberg.com

"Real estate is still largely a man’s world, but companies with women on the board are the ones rewarding investors..."

"As housing prices rise on Oahu, would-be homebuyers warm to condos" - HawaiiNewsNow.com

"As housing prices continue to soar, would-be homebuyers on Oahu are turning to a more affordable alternative: Condos. Condo sales increased 6.4 percent in February, compared to the same month last year, according to the Honolulu Board of Realtors. Meanwhile, the median price for a condo on Oahu hit $409,000 in February. That's up from $385,000 a year ago..."

"A Pioneer in Real Estate Blockchain Emerges in Europe" - WSJ.com

"The blockchain technology that underpins cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin could change the way property deals are done and recorded more than any other new technology, real-estate and technology experts say. And Sweden’s nearly 400-year-old land mapping and registration authority is likely to become one of the first government agencies to test using blockchain technology for conducting property sales..."

"A Driverless Future Threatens the Laws of Real Estate" - Bloomberg.com

"'Real estate might be the industry that is most transformed by autonomous vehicles,' said David Silver, who teaches self-driving engineering at Udacity Inc., an online university that has enrolled more than 10,000 students who want in on the transport of the future. 'It could change real estate from a business that is all about location, location, location...'”

"In Toronto’s Housing Market, The Party Really Is Over, Latest Data Shows" - HuffingtonPost.ca

"The once-unstoppable juggernaut that was Greater Toronto's housing market has slowed to a crawl, with preliminary data for February showing sales taking a deep dive and prices well off last year's highs..."

"Beacons pick up where GPS stops: mining data inside buildings" - TheRealDeal.com

"GPS 'is a critical element of digital services in our lives outside of work,' said Chris Kelly, co-founder of the tech-focused office services firm Convene. 'There’s just one problem with GPS: It can’t see inside buildings.' But beacons — tiny devices that can be placed almost anywhere in a room — can. And they are slowly starting to reconfigure the use of commercial real estate..."

"Three Big Myths About LA's Real Estate Bubble" - Forbes.com

"As real estate investors, prospective homebuyers and brokers look back, 2017 could probably be called 'The Year of Real Estate Records.' Dozens of major real estate markets saw rent and home prices continue to rise, sometimes even hitting all-time highs, while building on years of steady growth since the housing collapse a decade ago. It’s truly striking, and with each day that passes, 2018 shows few signs of slowing down..."

"Tenants Demand Technology from Real Estate Industry Still Using Spreadsheets" - PropModo.com

"Despite the trend of modernizing back office real estate processes, a surprisingly high percentage of real estate owners and operators are still using spreadsheets and paper to manage their properties. A new report out today outlines just how large the divide is between what tenants expect and how the commercial real estate industry actually operates..."

"New York's Have and Have-Not Housing Market" - Bloomberg.com

"New York City has added an estimated 488,478 housing units since 1991. For a city that has added 1.1 million jobs over that same period, that's not great, but it's not terrible, either. Where things get complicated -- and in some ways less encouraging -- is in exactly what kind of housing it has added..."

"Ontario regulator probes cryptocurrency use in real estate" - TheGlobeAndMail.com

"Vancouver, B.C.’s hot housing market getting more expensive for foreign buyers" - SeattleTimes.com

"British Columbia Finance Minister Carole James announced measures targeting foreign buyers and speculators in the first budget since her government was elected on a pledge to make housing more affordable..."

"Rental homes are a key cog in the housing market" - TheHill.com

"A shift is underway in the United States housing market. More than ever, Americans, from millennials to baby boomers, are choosing to lease for its flexibility and the numerous benefits of a single-family home, from extra rooms for the kids to a backyard and garage..."

"Housing market: U.S. home construction jumps 9.7% in January" - USAToday.com

"Groundbreakings on new homes jumped 9.7% last month to the highest level since October 2016, welcome news for a housing market struggling with a shortage of homes for sale..."

"Couple Who Bought American Horror Story House Are Tormented by Trespassers, Suing Their Realtor" - People.com

"For a California couple. living in American Horror Story’s Murder House has become a real-life nightmare... Now, the couple is suing their realtor and the sellers, who they say mislead them about the property’s pitfalls..."

"Billionaire Jon Gray, Architect Of Blackstone's $115B Real Estate Business, Named President" - Forbes.com

"When private equity giant Blackstone Group went public in 2007, fewer than a quarter of its $79 billion in assets under management were tied to real estate. Soon after the listing came the worst real estate downturn in at least a generation and it sat at the epicenter of a severe financial crisis. That tumult proved to be an opportunity for the head of Blackstone's real estate business, billionaire Jonathan Gray..."

"The overall U.S. housing market has recovered. But that’s not true in every community." - WashingtonPost.com

"More than half of the largest housing markets have regained all of the value they lost, with the typical home worth $55,200 more than it was at the bottom of the housing bust. But before you applaud, it’s important to recognize that not every housing market has fully recovered..."

"Meet Nick Williams, the Milwaukee Business Journal's new residential real estate, technology reporter" - BizJournals.com

"Meet Nick Williams, the Milwaukee Business Journal's new residential real estate, technology reporter..."

"Meet the finalists for the Best in Atlanta Real Estate Awards" - BizJournals.com

"In addition to the Visionary Award, 22 finalists have been named in seven categories, including Office Deal of the Year, Land Deal of the Year, Industrial Deal of the Year, Mixed Use/Special Use Deal of the Year, Retail Deal of the Year, Rehab/Renovation Deal of the Year, and Residential Deal of the Year..."

"The California Real Estate Inspection Association to Hold 42nd Annual Conference" - PRNewswire.com

"The California Real Estate Inspection Association (CREIA) will be holding its 42nd Annual Conference in April in Orange County and will feature, among other presentations, a presentation on California's new pool safety barrier law, which was in effect as of January 1, 2018..."

"A driverless future may upend the time-tested real estate law: Location, location, location" - SFGate.com

"They're just starting to think about what to do with all the space that could be freed up in a world where cars no longer sit idle for an estimated 95 percent of the time, whether unloved areas without mass transit might soon become more attractive, whether out-of-the-way greenfield sites will become valuable locations for warehouses..."

"Local Realtor receives state honor" - MyJournalCourier.com

"A real estate broker from Jacksonville has been named the 2018 Illinois Realtor of the Year by the Illinois Realtors association..."

"How Gaming Technology is Transforming Commercial Real Estate" - CommercialRealEstate.com.au

"Advances in technology in the field of virtual reality, augmented reality and data analytics are set to usher in the biggest change in the commercial property industry in a generation, a top industry expert believes..."

"Brownstoner RADD Awards Honor 50 Leaders in Brooklyn Real Estate, Architecture, Design" - Brownstoner.com

"Brownstoner announces the Brownstoner RADD Awards, celebrating 50 leaders in Brooklyn real estate, architecture, design and development. The winners will be selected by a panel of judges comprising principals from Apartment Therapy, Alchemy Studio, CWB Architects, FXFOWLE and REBNY, as well as Brownstoner..."

"Economists give high marks to housing market" - HoustonChronicle.com

"The housing market remains healthy, even under the specter of rising mortgage rates and an ongoing construction labor shortage, economists said Wednesday at the Greater Houston Builders Association's annual economic forecast luncheon..."

"Changes In Commercial Real Estate Are Rewriting Landlord Rules For The 21st Century" - Forbes.com

"The digital transformation is more than just another buzzword. As the millennial workforce prepares for middle age, Gen Z is now also entering the workplace and continuing the drive for better technology and mobility. The future of commercial real estate is forcing landlords to evolve and meet a new set of tenant demands..."

"Seattle neighborhoods left off Redfin’s list of hottest housing markets as San Jose leads the way" - GeekWire.com

"Redfin is out with its latest predictions for the nation’s hottest housing markets this year, and somewhat surprisingly, Seattle didn’t show up on the list..."

"2018's Housing Market Looks Good Unless You're A First-Time Millennial Buyer" - Forbes.com

"The Nation’s housing market for 2018 continues to look good according to two recently released reports. Though, first-time Millennial buyers will continue to struggle with affordability especially in high priced areas like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, New York and Washington DC..."


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