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offrs Review: How to outlast your RE competition (and survive a bear)

offrs Review: How to outlast your RE competition (and survive a bear)

When it comes to real estate farm strategies for 2018, 2019 (and let's face it... any year), it ultimately comes down to who can survive the long haul. Let's review what this means for you...

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Spoiler: RUNNNNN!!!! If you read that in a bad Arnold Schwarzenegger voice, then kudos to you, ma’am/sir! So what does this have to do with best practices in real estate? Quite a bit, actually. Let us make the case here (albeit dramatically)… real estate is largely about outlasting your competition. Afterall, if you were the last agent on the planet, and you were the only surviving soul that could help a homebuyer or homeseller client fulfill their impending life transaction… you’d fair pretty well. The problem is that the industry keeps pulling in fresh talent (more peeps) and this is watering down the opportunities. Fair enough. But, the flip side of this is the churn.

Ahhh, yes. The trapdoor that few who venture our path see as they prance doe-eyed through their RE courses. Like any bear attack (oh yeah, there are bears in this best practice tip), you really only need to outlast the sprint next to any other poor sap in line sight of impending doom. Note: you really shouldn’t run from bears… they’re like super fast. So, if you don’t have a head-on survival strategy to outwit a big-spender in town, then your best option may simply be to outlast them. Because this business is a bear and those that burn out fast will naturally thin out (that kinda got a little dark there, but you get the gist). Keep in the race, buckaroo.


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