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Actionable and Effective Ways to Generate Real Estate Leads

Actionable and Effective Ways to Generate Real Estate Leads

Wanting to take your real estate lead generation game to the next level? We've got you covered.

For a competitive industry such as real estate, even agents with the best sales techniques often have to deal with coming up with smart strategies to generate genuine leads. The ever transitioning market means that real estate professionals need to find smart and effective ways to generate leads and close deals to grow their business. 

Generating real estate leads is an unending challenge, and although real estate agents can decide to farm a small geographical area in the quest to become a household name and generate leads quite easily, agents with bigger and competitive areas to farm often find themselves struggling with generating buyers or sellers leads.  

Nobody said it's gonna be easy... but you can be certain, it will be worth it... 

As much as this is a challenge, it's not enough to make you retire your dreams as a real estate professional. Instead, it should be a motivator to come up with new ideas to tackle this problem. To successfully do this, you need to take a look at tried and trusted techniques to increase your listing, as well as explore new ones. 


Most Effective Techniques This Year - Explained! 

So, to save you the unnecessary time to research and check through for the most effective ways to generate real estate leads, we've reviewed hundreds of ideas and come up with ten brilliant and effective ways to go about it.  

Follow our lead...  

Invest in a Professional Website

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Do not assume that a single-page profile is enough for your business's online presence - No, it's not. Well, you can say only big businesses need big websites, I'll tell you that even small businesses gain a lot from having a sizable website. A website where you don't just have your content and about us, but one that shows your credibility with closed leads, which leads to new leads and provides your clients with arguably all that there is to know about your firm.  

A few years back, the National Association of Realtors discovered that 82% of agents who closed over $150,000 had invested in a professional website - why shouldn't you? 


Create a Landing Page 

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While a website introduces your audience to encompassing services you offer, the landing page is a bit more specific. Landing pages are built with a specific service in mind, for a specific audience to take a specific action like booking an appointment, determining the value of your homes, downloading a buying guide, and signing up for your newsletter. 


Invest In Video Content Marketing 

A man holding a camera.

If you're anything like most traditional real estate agents, you probably don't give many props to video - but you should. Apart from creating valuable content on your websites, pushing out more video content familiarizes you with your audience, creating a bond and trust, an element necessary for home sellers or buyers to patronize you.  

According to metrics, customers seem to find video content convenient and efficient and this provides real estate agents with an attractive, versatile, and effective way to reach their audience, and in the process, gather more leads. 

You can entice and capture the attention of your audience, and turn them from viewers to buyers by showing off your property’s best features through video content. 

With a video, your prospective clientele can have a guided tour of the property on the listing, engage them, and encourage them to reach out to the realtor for more inquiries to either sell or buy. 

With an average conversion rate of 33%, video is a captivating way to connect with your market and keep their interest in your properties. It's easy to put a name to your face through video content. 


Make Use of the Social Media Ads 

A phone displaying social media apps.

The world is a tiny space now with all sorts of social media platforms where you can reach zillions of leads. Many agents would argue social media is the best form of real estate lead generation. If your real estate business isn't on social media yet, then you're missing out on a large pool of leads. So, it's best you get started. 

However, you can be easily frustrated by this lead-generating medium, after all, it takes time to build followership and have millions of it. Irrespective, social media provides a medium for you to share captivating features that people will love in the home, that way, you'll be sure that people surfing through the platform can find your content enticing and share it with the rest of their contacts.  

For instance, platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat are picture-oriented, where you can find any category of audience irrespective of your demographics. You can use this platform to share beautiful features, tips about being a real estate investor and provide value for whoever stumbles on your page - trust me, you'll be surprised how thousands of people stumble. 

Another thing is realtors rather regard social media marketing as time-consuming. However, if you employ some handy tools like Hootsuite and Buffer, within an hour, you can set up your post for a whole week. And then you can keep up with comments and messages. 

Social media also provides you a place to meet and interact with people within your market area. By replying to their post with helpful tips or information on real estate, they auto familiarize themselves with you and it becomes easy for them to reach out to you. 


Invest in Local SEO

A phone showing company  

With this technique, you can place yourself as a professional in certain geolocation. For instance, you can map your business account on Google - it's like having an online office where people who need and search for realtors in your area can see your portfolio and reach out to you.  

To capitalize on the market population available on these social media platforms, all you need to generate genuine realtor leads is to target the right keywords and tailor your content to attract the customer base around those keywords. 

The most important thing is to establish yourself on the first 10 results in a search place, so investing and leveling up your SEO games is crucial to get more awareness that can generate more leads.  


Buy Leads from Real Estate Companies 

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Another smart way to go about getting more leads for your business is to patronize high-volume real estate online marketplaces and reliable companies that offer lead generation services like Zillow, Offrs, Zurple, Bold Leads, RedX, Zoho CRM, Market Leaders, AgentByZip and the likes.  

There are distinct features that set these companies apart. While some are good at offering a service, others may pay little or no significance to that offerings. Therefore, for you to better harness their products and services, we'll highlight their major strength. 

What AgentByZip Offers 

AgentByZip helps home buyers and home sellers find the top agents in their area. They leverage their proprietary algorithm to analyze real estate listings, market dynamics, and marketing reach of each agent. AgentByZip has a variety of packages at different price ranges, so any agent is sure to find something suitable for them. 

What You Get With Offrs

For sellers leads, Offrs is the best choice. Offrs combines predictive analytics systems to predict potential home sellers that turn to leads. The firm also offers CRM to keep track of new leads. Offrs gathers leads through the biggest social media platform, Facebook, and predictive analytics. They employ state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to pull data from various sources such as CoreLogic, ATTOM, Experian, etc to attempt to predict the probability that a homeowner will sell their home in the next 12 months. 

What SmartZip Offers 

Like Offrs, Smartzip also uses predictive analysis to predict homeowners who are ready to sell and also targets prospective sellers with automated multiple channel marketing campaigns to cultivate new listings. With Smartzip, you can generate leads, marketing content, and follow up with your customers.

What Reach150 Offers 

In their own words, Reach150 is a systematic and simple way to grow your business through referrals. Growing referrals is like building your 401(k) - the sooner you start, the more you benefit from a compounding effect. Reach150 helps you gather recommendations from happy clients, and promote yourself on social networks and stay top of mind with re-targeted advertising on today's most popular websites.



So, what is the best lead generation for realtors? While we cover a few tried and true ideas in this publication, one hole doesn't fit all. A brilliant idea might be in your offings, don't hesitate to explore new strategies to generate more leads and most especially, close more deals.  

What are your thoughts?

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