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10 Tips on How to Get Listings

10 Tips on How to Get Listings

Need listings? Let us show you some affordable ways to get more sellers in your pipeline.

One of the many huddles a real estate professional has to overcome in their career is locking in listings. So, it's normal if you're struggling to get listings while trying to establish yourself in a ruthless market. These challenges can arise from a lack of experience in the area or even, as a result as an oversaturated marketing channel.  

Therefore, we've compiled some of the best and affordable real estate solutions to get more listings and further propel your career in the right direction. 


1. Expired Listings 

Search For Old Expired's Missed By Other Agents on MLS. Perhaps, one of the least contested niches because while every other real estate agent is after newly expired leads, and the old expired leads are just lying there. That means there is a long list of waiting sellers, tired of waiting, motivated, and in search of the right realtor.  

So, search for homes listed for at least three to six months and just keep acquiring the list for about five years. You'll get old Expired's who might be willing to get back on the market to sell their home, and a Realtor like yourself is what they need. 

The likelihood of improvement in market conditions makes it a perfect time for these sellers to get their asking price.


2. Speak to Everybody You Know About Real Estate 

Apart from establishing yourself as a real estate expert, speaking to everyone around you about your profession frequently shows a place in their hearts that you're into real estate. Since you're a close person, they can easily trust you with their interest.  

Take a clue from the words of Yawar Charlie, who's a regular on CNBC’s Listing Impossible. In an interview session, he narrated that he got his first listing from a neighbor after talking to everybody about being a real estate buyer agent. 


3. Consider Different forms of Marketing

If this hasn't crossed your mind yet, then perhaps, this isn't really for you. However, if you're serious about figuring out the most innovative way to get listings, then it is likely you have considered this.  

If so, you should be familiar with some marketing forms discussed here. Nevertheless, we're certain you'll find some new ones interesting. Some traditional marketing you should consider are  

  •  Direct Mailing 
  •  Billboards 
  •  Flyers 
  •  Cold Calling
  •  Door Knocking

That said, there are other smart ways to go about your marketing as well, and some are discussed below:

  •  Join Realtor Groups on Facebook 

This way, you can connect with thousands of homeowners who want to sell their homes, as well as other professionals. Making real estate connections in important because you never know when another may need to refer a client, and when they do, they are going to want someone who they know is competent. This is why building professional relationships, even online, can be beneficial to your business. 

  • Facebook Ads

Also, paid promotion on platforms like Facebook, and even Instagram, with over a billion users opens you to millions of homeowners willing to close deals. Ads are great because they guarantee to get your name across to your specific audience. Make sure to create a clean and engaging ad that offers the potential clients something of value (free home evaluation, professional real estate advice, etc)

  • Create an SEO website to Generate Seller Leads 

All real estate professionals should absolutely invest in their own website. Along with having a website, you want to make sure your website is SEO friendly, so when potential leads type in keywords such as "how to sell my home" or "how much is my home worth" your website will appear first in Googles (or other search engines) results. Once they click on your page, you'll want to make sure you have a contact form so they can engage with you, and you can follow up with them. 

  • Sphere of Influence 

If you haven't dove into the listings market yet, most likely you have been a buyer agent for quite some time now. And hopefully you have made a few connections and transactions along the way. Collecting testimonials and staying in touch with your sphere is an absolute must if you are looking to make real estate your career. Using tools such as Reach150 can exponentially increase your ROI in the long-term. 


4. Buy From Real Estate Lead Generation Firms 

Another smart way to get listings is to buy from platforms that already have them if you have the resources. If you are employing this method, you have to be certain that you're buying from a credible firm as the source of your listings matters a lot. 

The likes of Offrs and SmartZip do a great job at getting you the exact type of leads you need.  

There is only but a slight difference between these two real estate giants. Both companies employ predictive analytics to gather data to forecast future happenings in the real estate field. They use these methods to forecast possible listings, providing you with potential business opportunities to grow your real estate business. 

How can Offrs and Smart Zip predict future listings? Were so glad you asked! These companies employ the predictive analytical system by using their existing proprietary algorithm, and over 250+ data points to predict listings. They also help scrape activity from big social media platforms like Facebook and Google. That way, you're certain that the leads you get are not just authentic but specific to your market. 


5. Mail Out Sold Postcard 

Another method to get listings is to send out "Just Sold" postcards. Tika Van Den Hurk, a renowned realtor in the Fort Lauderdale area, testifies to this authentic method. She explained that one of her customers, a buyer, left the Just Sold sign in front of her house for well over three months, and it turned out to be an excellent way for other buyers and sellers to reach out to her. 

You can simply place a well-detailed sign strategically at designated places in areas you're looking at and watch the magic happen. 


6. Speak More On Real Estate During Social Gatherings 

As simple as it sounds, just talk to people more about real estate. Whenever you get the chance to chip in some advice in a social event, do it with facts and be professional at it. Share your business card if necessary and connect with people as much. Your network determines your net worth.


7. Get in Touch with Owners with Delinquent Property Taxes 

Another smart way to get listings is reaching out to homeowners with past-due property taxes, as they are left with no choice but to sell their homes very fast. Having to sell their homes very fast would mean that they're in a vulnerable state where any investor can take advantage of them. 

So, you can step in, help them get the home sold, and get yourself a great listing at the same time. You can find these type of owners by reaching out to local attorneys, lawyers, and finance officers. 


8. Get in Touch with Vacant Home Owners 

Patience is a virtue in this business. However, that leaves the market with vacant homes, and that doesn't mean the homes are not leased out or occupied for the time being; just that the owners have it in mind to eventually sell it off.  

This is an avenue to reach out to the landlords, retirees, and even leaseholders with vacant homes; hopefully, they're willing to sell now or in the future.


9. Pitch an "I've Got a Buyer for Your Home” Mail To Home Sellers 

Perhaps, the most effective hook to catch a seller is "I've Got a Buyer" mail to them. It works all the time. However, while using these methods to send out direct mails, emails or postcards, use caution as some sellers are desperate, and actually would take you for your words. So, as much as you have a buyer, actually, have someone interested in buying.  


10. Associate with Small Builders to Help Sell the Homes 

Any avenue that takes you off the beaten path is worth considering. This opens you to the opportunity of finding and showing a lead the merits of working with an agent.  

The small builder niche is a growing one, and is likely to continue growing for a long time. Since there aren't enough homes for everyone to buy, small builders are expected to continue building.  

So, since buyers are looking out for properties and a construction company, the need for a Realtor might seem unnecessary with the thought that the deal on the land is manageable without a home expert, and that reps from the construction agency have their best interest whenever they negotiate. This is an opportunity to show them the benefits of having a Realtor by their side. 



Getting leads is one of the few steps to the eventuality of making sales. Without a doubt, this requires skills, time, and hard work, which won't come easy. The approach you choose to incorporate in your "how to get listings" strategy goes a long way to achieve your overall goal.  

Push yourself to the limit, be innovative, explore all possible avenues and make the best use of them. 

What are your thoughts?

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