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Where to Buy the Best Real Estate Leads

Where to Buy the Best Real Estate Leads

There are plenty of places out there to buy leads from, but we have narrowed it down to the top 3 so you don't have to.

If you are in the real estate game, you know how essential leads are to your bottom line. There are plenty of places out there to buy leads from, and they run the gambit from outright impressive to leaving something to be desired. Time is money, and you don't want to waste either buying real estate leads that have a lower chance of going anywhere.  


Here we have gathered a list of the top companies to buy real estate leads from and a short description of what makes them so good. Take a look and jumpstart your lead generation today! 



Offrs is a lead generation and marketing platform that was founded in Sarasota, Florida, back in 2013. Offrs is on this list for several reasons, including the quality of the leads they generate and their site features. You won't find any buyer leads here, as Offrs deals exclusively in seller leads, allowing them to focus fully on one lead type.  


This, in part, is why the quality of their leads are so impressive. Utilizing Facebook Ads and predictive analytics to generate leads also helps push Offrs to the upper echelon of the many lead generation platforms out there. Predictive analytics means that Offrs will use various information from providers like ATTOM, Experian, and others, combine that information with consumer behavior, and use that combined information to make an educated prediction on the likelihood of a homeowner selling their home in the next year.  


That may sound almost like witchcraft, but Offrs boasts an accuracy of over 70%. As far as pricing, you have several different options. Basic Offrs pricing is $0.10/month per targeted area property. At this price, your leads are not exclusive. Every person using Offrs for seller leads will get the same real estate list. If you want to ensure an area's exclusivity, your price will jump to double the cost per targeted area property. You can also get an entire zip code for $400 per month. 



SmartZip is one of the most powerful tools on this list, and for good reason too. They consistently generate a high volume of leads. Still, you don't have to worry about sacrificing quality for quantity because the leads they generate are also in the top tier of real estate lead generation platforms. SmartZip also offers a ton of features like customizable, branded marketing, a plethora of agent farming tools, and multiple marketing channels.  


SmartZip is another lead generation service that uses predictive analytics to find those that are most likely to sell their home, using digital marketing and direct mail to target them. Something that makes SmartZip unique and also keeps the quality of their leads high is the fact that they target what they call the "top 20%" of these homes most likely to sell.  


One pitfall of using SmartZip, if you consider it to be one, is that they operate on a completely non-exclusive model. If you absolutely need exclusive leads, SmartZip is not for you because they don't offer it. You might also call the price tag a con, as it is in the more expensive range, but you certainly get what you pay for.  


If you are considering SmartZip, you should be aware of the commitment involved. You sign a contract for a year, and you can expect to pay at least $500/month at the very least. If you aren't serious about working and nurturing leads for months, even years, you would ultimately be better off somewhere else. 



Everyone knows Zillow, and that is, in part, what makes Zillow such a powerful platform. In fact, when I say everyone knows Zillow, Zillow is the #1 most visited real estate portal in the U.S. Zillow is excellent all around, but it is perfect for a new agent. It is an incredible source to buy real estate leads from since people who are submitting their information on Zillow are more than likely actively looking to buy rather than just casually looking.  


At a price tag of right around $200, it's definitely back in the range of affordable while still offering premier leads, volume, and loads of agent tools. Zillow is not exclusive. To be successful on Zillow, a real estate agent wants to accumulate a lot of reviews and have them be as impressive as possible. Many people on Zillow are simply going to go with the person with the best reviews, much like shopping online.  


Zillow has gotten a lot of hate on the internet as a tech company, but to be clear, no platform is going to hand you a real estate list of ready and willing buyer leads and seller leads ready to throw their money at you, no matter how much you pay for the service. Zillow can be a powerful platform for you if you stay persistent, just like any other platform, and it has the benefit of being where most people go first for their real estate needs. 


Final Thoughts 

The three platforms listed here are top-tier real estate lead-generating services. There are plenty more out there including BoldLeads, Prime Seller Leads, and Realtor.com, that have a lot to offer and can be highly effective. The three here, Offrs, SmartZip, and Zillow, were chosen for their overall effectiveness, benefits for established and busy-minded realtors, and ease of use for beginner realtors, respectively.  


Each one is an all-around lead-generating powerhouse. It is difficult to say which platforms are the best, as people have different experiences with each, but these will always end up in the conversation for the best of the best. If you are looking to buy leads, you can't go wrong with these. Real estate is a competitive game. To be successful, one has to be personable, likable, persistent, and it doesn't hurt to have a healthy ability to withstand rejection.  


Everyone has a game plan and a different approach to real estate and getting leads. Some people don't like the idea of buying leads, but in today's market, buying leads is one of the most influential plays you can make. Take your lead generation to the next level with any of these platforms, and watch your client base grow. 

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