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Agent's Guide To Real Estate Facebook Marketing

Agent's Guide To Real Estate Facebook Marketing

As we know, marketing is key for any business, but especially important for your real estate business.

As we know, marketing is key for any business, but especially important for your real estate business. Marketing campaigns can accomplish many goals, such as generating leads or growing brand awareness. 

Like any of the big social media platforms, Facebook offers a plethora of options for marketing your business. It's not all about paid ads (although they are certainly a very good option); you can use the other publication options to maximize the reach of your posts and your business. 

Today we are going to talk about some Facebook marketing ideas for real estate so you can drive up the numbers of your business. 

Before we dive in, you of course are going to want to make sure your Facebook profile, whether its your personal page or business page, is up to date and completed. All of the information should be accurate and appropriate, and show your audience a bit a about you. The real estate industry is personal, so presenting a well-shot profile and cover photo is important on your Facebook page. 

It is also helpful to have ensure your landing page and Facebook profile are somewhat congruent. This way when a potential clients clicks on either your landing page or profile, they will see similarities between the too making it harmonious, memorable, and user-friendly. 

Okay so now that you have completed your Facebook profile, lets jump right in. 


1. Resonate With Emotions Through Your Posts 

Posting about a new listing or just sold property is great for social media to attract potential buyers. More than just describing the physical features of the house itself, you can also describe what the house is good for. 

Good Facebook marketers, for example, describe listings as being good for family gatherings, holiday getaways, vacation spots, and the like. By connecting the house to the emotions of the people you are marketing to, you can more effectively be able to advertise your real estate listings. 

You could even get local businesses involved if they happen to be one of the positive features of the home (e.g. a coffee shop across the street of the home posted), and don't forget to tag them!


2. Use Facebook Live 

Facebook Live is an increasingly common real estate Facebook marketing tactic to interact with your Facebook friends and followers because you can both show the inside and the outside of a house while at the same time being able to answer questions on the go. 

If you get any requests to view a particular part of a house, it will be easy for you to entertain these requests because of the high level of interactivity present with Facebook Live.  Its very similar to an open house, but virtual! 

Facebook Live is also a great tool for agents to share their knowledge on the market and educate home buyers and sellers! 


3. Choose Your Audience 

As the most widely used social media platform, Facebook is home to people of all ages and educational levels. Facebook marketing for real estate agents, however, needs a lot of curating in order to be effective. 

Before you go on to real estate Facebook marketing, you should probably take the time first to identify your target market so that you can narrow down the way you write your posts and be more effective with the interactions you get. 

Companies such as Offrs and SmartZip provide Facebook Ads services as well, on top of their lead generation services. Along with providing the ad copy specifically tailored to the real estate market, they target homeowners in your area that are most likely to list their home within the next 6-12 months.


4. When Using Paid Advertisements, Shorter Is Better 

When it comes to using the paid ads, most people tend to pour their money and run an ad for weeks or months on end. The problem with this is that it's hard to assess and evaluate the effectiveness of your ad if it has been running for too long. 

It is better to set your ads to run for a week at a time, and then after each week, you look at the numbers that Facebook provides you so that you can make the necessary tweaks and adjustments according to how your target market interacts with your ads. 


5. Be Creative With Your Visual Ads 

Facebook is replete with all kinds of content, and if you want your real estate ads to stand out in the sea of posts that everyone else scrolls through, you will want to make sure that your ad pops out right from the start. 

Use only high-quality images, and make sure to capture your audience's attention with just one glance. It should also be enticing enough to get them to click on the ad and eventually contact you. For more helpful help check out 7 Killer Tips for More Effective Real Estate Facebook Ads.

What are your thoughts?

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