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Top 5 Tips For Winning A Listing in Real Estate

Top 5 Tips For Winning A Listing in Real Estate

Need more listings? We hear you. Check out our 5 simple tricks to win you more listings today.

Are you on the verge of giving up on your career as a realtor? Have you tried several techniques but all to no avail? As a listing agent, searching for a homeowner ready to sell a house is one of the most challenging parts of practicing real estate and it demands consistent work. Most of the time, this challenge may seem so demanding that it appears as though you are fighting an uphill battle. 

Worry less, as in this post, you will be exposed to some proven tips on how to win real estate listings as a real estate agent!  

1. Be Strategic 

Winning a listing from a homeowner is not a tea party. Irrespective of your market, getting a listing agreement comes with great effort and diligence. It is a monster challenge, especially for newbies in the real estate industry. As a realtor, there is a need to be strategic in one’s approach, else diffused focus will render one’s effort futile and unproductive.  

The most important components of your listing lead generation strategy should include your target area (the area you are prospecting) and your monthly marketing. If you are a newer agent finding your feet, or even an experienced professional in the industry finding yourself with less and less time, there are great resources to help you find homeowners in your target area that are most ready to sell within the next 6-12 months. Tools such as Offrs and SmartZip make this process effortless by predicting which homes in your target area are going to sell using proprietary algorithms. They save you time and money so you can continue to do what you do best, build relationships. 

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2. Knock Doors 

A realtor who is ready to win a listing must always be on the lookout. Whether through a digital, traditional, or face-to-face medium, you must always find a way to reach homeowners within your community.  

Door knocking may seem obsolete or "old-fashioned", but door-knocking is a tried and true way to generate seller leads that has been used by successful agents for decades. However, for door-knocking to be effective, you have to take the right approach. Always ensure that for every door you knock on, you make a lasting impression and create connections. For instance, greeting them with a small thoughtful gift will make a great first impression. A great gift could include sweets from a local bakery, a custom holiday calendar, or a fridge magnet displaying your local football team. Don't forget to bring your brochures, pamphlets, or business cards so they know you are legit and can contact you easily after you have left. 

Do this strategically monthly, weekly, or even daily. Even if you are turned down initially, you are gradually building your name as a local real estate expert in the industry. Every "no" gets you closers to the next "yes". 

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3. Data Is King 

Figures don’t lie. Use real estate market statistics to your advantage to show your potential clients the current market trends. This technique is helpful to win listings because it provides valuable information to homeowners and shows how knowledgeable you are about your community. 

Furthermore, from market observation, it has been discovered that realtors who back up their listing presentations with valid and accurate data stand a chance of winning a listing and selling a home faster.

You need to include a mathematical database alongside your presentation to serve as an explicit backup. Again, a community market report shows that you are very familiar with your community or immediate location while detailed market statistics show that you are well-conversant with the numbers. 

4. Strengthen Your Personal Connections 

People patronize who they know, love, and trust. Relationships and personal networks are integral to winning a listing from any homeowner. What expertise alone may never do for you, the personal connection will. This is why every realtor needs to have a strong network to successfully win listings. 

A realtor must continuously create and strengthen every relationship; family, friends, and clients. Whether or not they patronize you immediately, you must continuously talk about your business and put your business in the faces of potential clients.  

Through word-of-mouth marketing, you position yourself as an ‘authority’ in the industry which inherently gives you an edge over your competitors. For potential clients to be able to trust you well enough to patronize you, you must be a person of unquestionable integrity in your relationship with clients.  

If you do this continuously, you will gradually make a name for yourself and those who know will begin to get recommendations and referrals. In a competitive market, the best communicator always wins. This means that you must know how to communicate effectively with your potential clients to win a listing.  You must keep increasing your conversations. The number of leads you generate will be directly proportional to the number of people you talk to. 

5. Provide Value

To strategically win a listing from a homeowner, you must always lead from the point of value. People want to know that you are a professional and the only way you can show or prove this is by preparing valuable content for your potential clients. You must ensure that these contents are either educating, solving a need, or meeting the concerns of your potential clients.  

This is one of the surest ways to win the heart of homeowners. If you continue serving your potential clients with useful, valuable, and educative content, your success in the real estate industry is almost guaranteed.    

Conclusively, as I've mentioned earlier, winning listings is not a very easy task, however, if you adhere strictly to these tips and apply them consistently, you are on your way to winning more listings and closing more deals. 

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